How Do I Know Through Symptoms If it is Early Pregnancy or PMS?

When you feel cramps and your periods haven’t approached yet, you may want to go for a pregnancy test. It is not that you are assuming something out of the box.

Symptoms of pregnancy and PMS are more or less the same. This is why women get worried and chaotic whenever they experience any of such symptoms, especially when their monthly cycle is due.

This article has stressed the symptoms that can help you differentiate PMS from pregnancy and vice versa. Go on to read more about the symptoms!

Simplest Way to Know if You are Pregnant or if it is just Periods

Well, without stressing your mind, you can check out the truth about cramps and other related symptoms in a simple way. All you need to do is observe some patience.

If what you are experiencing points to approaching periods, bleeding will start within a day or two after PMS. If bleeding doesn’t start after days and you are feeling nauseous and tired, the chances of pregnancy increase.

However, you can’t confirm pregnancy by observing symptoms at home, or delayed periods don’t always indicate pregnancy. For confirmation, you will have to do a pregnancy test from a nearby healthcare unit.

Symptoms That are Common in Both PMS and Early Pregnancy

Women get distracted because the maximum symptoms of pregnancy and PMS are the same. Have a look at the common symptoms!

1.  Mood Swings 

During PMS and pregnancy, women undergo mood swings throughout the day. Women become more sensitive, emotional, and sentimental during this time of their lives. A little change, problem, or workload irritates them the most. 

Women feel more depressed, lonely, anxious, and vulnerable during PMS. However, these symptoms end once the period starts. 

2.  Bloating and Weight Loss

Weight loss is more common during the first trimester. Furthermore, women who become severely nauseous during pregnancy tend to lose more weight when expecting. 

Bloating is common during PMS, especially when a woman’s body is not adequately hydrated. It ends a day or two after the period starts. 

3.  Breast Tenderness and Heaviness 

During PMS and the first trimester, the breast becomes heavy and tender. Nipples become more sensitive to touch. This tenderness vanishes after periods start and 1st trimester ends. 

Symptoms That are Only Experienced During Pregnancy 

Amazingly, some symptoms are solely observed during pregnancy. These signs never appear when periods are approaching. Have a look at them! 

1.  Light Vaginal Spotting 

Light-color vaginal spotting is a sign of early pregnancy. Spotting is either dark brown or tea pink. It is rarely shocking red. It never happens during PMS. 

2.  Darkened Areolas 

When a woman is expecting, nipples change their shape, meaning that they become more pointed. The area around the nipples becomes darker and larger. This area is known as the areola. 

Final Statement 

Women of all ages experience cramps and exhaustion during pregnancy and PMS. They become extra sensitive and more vulnerable to emotional breakdowns. This is why most men surprise their ladies by gifting them products for PMS relief like menstrual relief cream, PMS gummies, oral drops and cramp roll-on. Even you can surprise your wife by buying her vegan products from Holief.