How Do I Get A Replacement Phone From Assurance Wireless

After giving you a free phone, Assurance Wireless knows that anything can happen to it and with that, they give you a chance to replace it. In case you didn’t know, Assurance Wireless is a provider in the US that provides free or low-cost cell phone service to low-income households. If you have been wondering how do I get a replacement phone from Assurance Wireless, you need not worry anymore. You have bumped into the right platform and today, we shall be taking a look at all you need to know about Assurance Wireless phone replacement. Stay till the end to learn more.

Why You May Need Phone Replacement

There are a lot of reasons that may force you to get a phone replacement and some of the most common reasons include:

  • Damage– While running your daily errands, accidents can happen and your phone may fall, or get submerged in water. The damage may be severe, affecting its functionality and you will then be required to get a new phone.
  • Software issues– During its course of usage, software issues that affect your phone’s performance may pop up. Hitches with the operating system or system updates are among the software issues that can render your phone useless.
  • Lost or stolen– Your phone may also get stolen or misplaced and you will need a replacement to stay connected.

Getting Assurance Wireless Free Phone

You may have stumbled into conversations like how do I get a replacement phone from Assurance Wireless while in the first case, you do not know that Assurance Wireless has got free phones. These free phones are however available to low-income households. Below is a detailed explanation of how to apply for a free Assurance Wireless phone but first let’s briefly take a look at the eligibility requirements.

  • You should reside in a US state where there is Assurance Wireless coverage. 
  • Your household income should be at 135% or below the federal poverty guidelines.

You should be able to verify that you meet both of the above requirements by submitting valid respective documentation. To make your application you will be required to hit up the customer support department, submit the application online or mail it out. To make your application online:

  • Connect your mobile device to the internet then head to the official website for Assurance Wireless (
  • Click Apply Now then enter the Zip code to check if your state has Assurance Wireless’s coverage.
  • Tap Continue then from the list of plans available, select the plan that best suits you.
  • Fill out all the fields in the application form provided then go through to ensure that all entries are correct.
  • Upload the required eligibility documents and once done, hit the Submit button.

Your application will then be processed and the provider will let you know of the outcomes of your application.

How To Get Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement

Via Customer Care

This is the most simple yet effective way you can use to replace your phone and is recommended in the scenarios of theft of your mobile device. Upon reaching out, your phone service will be suspended to prevent anyone from using your balance. To replace your phone, you will have to reach out to the support department at 1-888-321-5880 and then explain what your inquiry is all about. You will then be required to verify your identity by answering some personal details. Once verification is successful, the customer care agent will give you a one-on-one guide on getting your phone replacement.

Via Online

This is also another option if you have an internet connection and know how to navigate the web. 

  • Visit Assurance’s official site then log into your account. If you do not already have one, create it and then log in.
  • Tap Replacement Phone, and from the list of available models, select one then follow the onscreen instructions to complete your request.

Via Mail

You can also go the old-school way, via mail, although it can take a bit longer before your inquiry is processed. While mailing out your application, be sure to include a detailed description, and attach some documents to prove your identity and eligibility. You may also have to include an active contact channel e.g. email or phone number just in case they may need to reach out to you. 

None of the above channels are available to you and you are still thinking of how do I get a replacement phone from Assurance Wireless? Well, you need not get worried since there is still one more alternative. Visit a local store then explain your inquiry. Similar to calling customer care, you will get one on one feedback on whether you qualify for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Upgrade My Assurance Wireless Phone?

Assurance allows users to upgrade their phones to better ones when needed. Just like phone replacement, you will also be required to pay some amount to get an Upgrade phone. You can submit an upgrade request online. On the Assurance website, log into your account, click Upgrade then follow all the onscreen instructions to complete your request.

Does Assurance Wireless SIM Card Work On Other Phones?

Assurance Wireless SIM cards work on many mobile devices. If you would wish to purchase a phone and use it on Assurance Wireless, you may have to check its compatibility using Assurance’s Compatibility Checker. Popular models like Samsung, LG, and Motorola are compatible and you can never go wrong if you own one.

Final Thoughts 

Many providers in the US can offer you a free phone provided that you are eligible and Assurance Wireless is one of the providers. Phones are fragile and with time can get damaged, misplaced, or stolen, and therefore you will need to replace them. Through customer support and its website, Assurance allows you to replace your phone in the comfort of your phone. While applying for a replacement, your reason should be genuine enough to earn you a replacement. You may however have to pay a few dollars for the service, so be advised before placing a replacement request.

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