How Do I Eliminate Background in Photoshop?

Do you like every photo you take? We often want to change the background or move some particular objects of an image after taking it. And when you are taking pictures of any product or clothing, it is a must that you remove the background to make the product more aesthetically pleasing.

So, if you are wondering- how do I eliminate background in Photoshop? There are lots of ways to do that. In this article, we have listed the easiest ways to get the job done. 

Steps to Eliminate Background of a Photo:

The advances of Photoshop tools have made it easier for beginners to edit any photo and turn it into a better version. Recently, Photoshop has added the brand new Adobe Sensei AI Technology to select any particular subject and automatically remove its background.

However, it is still better to look for the details in your picture and edit them manually. And if you are going to do the editing of a large number of photos for a fashion site, you should seek help from the background removal service

Or you can follow the steps below to remove the photo background and edit it like a pro:

There is a toolbar at the left side of the screen that consists of tools to select, edit or move the cursor over the photo to give you more adjustable options to edit the photo.

Step 01: Open Up the Image in Photoshop

Go to File and open the image that you want to edit.

Step 02: Go to Select>Mask

Selecting the mask will set you to the mode where the transparency is set to 50%. If you select an object, this mask will help you see your chosen pixels and what areas need more tuning.

Step 03: Select The Object You Want Using Quick Selection Tool.

Enable the quick selection tool and click and drag to select the part of the object you want to select. The fun thing about this tool is that Photoshop will automatically select the surrounding area when you choose one place. Ultimately, the object will pop up with an opaque background behind it. 

However, you can also complete the selection process easier by using one of the quick features of Adobe Sensei. To do that, all you need to do is click the Select Subject button up above, and Photoshop AI will do an amazing job of selecting the main object automatically.

And if you want to choose only one object between two in the photo, you need to select the Object Selection tool. After activating the Lasso mode, you can loosely outline the object you want to select. The AI will analyze the outlines and fix the areas of the object.

Using Quick Action:

Using quick action is the fastest and easiest way to remove the unwanted parts of the photo or replace the background with a better option. 

  • Step 01: Open your image and right-click the background layer, and duplicate the layer after that.
  • Step 02: go to windows and then properties to open the properties panel.
  • Step 03: click your new layer and the remove background button. The last button should be under the Quick Action button.
  • Step 04: now you get the background removed, and your subject will be surrounded with a mask.

After the initial task is done, you can refine the photo with some adjustments and smooth the image even more. 

How to Fine Tune Your Photo:

Sometimes, using the automatic tools to eliminate the background can cause missing spots on the object you want to keep. You can zoom in to look for imperfect areas and add them with other devices with the Zoom tool. 

Now you have to use the following tools to make the selection more perfect:

Quick Selection Tool: 

You need to ensure that the additional option is enabled to edit the missing pixels. Now you need to click and drag to the areas you want Photoshop to analyze and bring back the missing pieces.

Global Refinement Slider: 

It is impossible to always look for an imperfect spot in your photo. To do the job more perfectly, you can use the refinement tools. 

To do that, select the black and white option to see the silhouette of your object look for jaggedness. Now, you can smooth the edges adjust, and control the borders as the real figure of the thing.


This article was a quick lesson for those who want to learn background removal as a beginner. You can watch some tutorials before starting editing if you’re going to. And know Photoshop’s features because the more you explore your options, the more you will be skilled at the end of the day.