How do I create a preset in photoshop?

We always want to get some speedy methods to make our images, especially while It’s a wedding or model photo shoot when we have processed plenty of photos. As we become either designers or sometimes photographers we have a good experience that most of the time people want their image as soon as possible. As a result, It’s tough to process all the photos in particular, so it is better to use presets. 

Our team doesn’t like to use those presets like everyone; we want to create our own presets to improve many photos with the same lighting condition. Because if you use made-up presets, they won’t suit your job every time. Such as, you want to create a photo with increased contrast, but a ready-made preset doesn’t help to get the look you wish to; consequently, we will advise you to create a new preset for a set of photographs. In this article, we will show you how to create a preset in Adobe Photoshop. If you want to buy photoshop presets; you can take the best Sleeklens presets.

Let’s have a look below.


Preset: Cool day

First, you need to understand the photo set you want to process. Here we have some photos of a girl sitting on a train beside the window. The day was gloomy, and the temperature was slightly less; so far, this type of picture we want to provide a cool effect. Then you need to select one image that will be standard for processing. By picking the standard one, you need to put it in Adobe Photoshop and look at the histogram of each one.

If the histogram stays between the right triangle and the left triangle, it becomes an excellent photo with an adjusted light balance. But if the histogram crosses the left triangle, it means that the used photos have more dark and shadows than the demand. On the other hand, if the histogram crosses the right triangle, the used images include extra highlight and exposure.

Take into consideration all these, you must choose a less qualified photo, as you may change the preset effects when you want. Therefore, let’s go to the beginning.

The photo we are using is a RAW file.


Firstly, you have to open the RAW image in Photoshop. To open it, simply click the “File” option, then “open,” and select your photo.


Click ” Camera profile” and which is auto-selected to ” adobe standard”. You can alter it according to your wisdom.


White balance is the most significant fact in the case of color photos, whereas you can change the entire photo “feel”. Since we said we want to provide a gloomy effect, we need to make the temperature cold.


The histogram assists you in selecting any exposure issues. If the histogram graph desponds to stretch the far right, we can see the shot desiderates strong dark shadows. In case the graph’s highlights fall off before they touch the far left, too, it means that the image forms mostly mid-tones.


For darkening the shadows except changing other tones, simply drag the Shadow slider right or left according to your liking.


To boost the saturation of weaker colors except over-saturating existing strong colors, the vibrance slider is designed. Moving the Vibrance slider up to your selection, you can aid the saturation of the except over-saturation.


The tone curve is another crucial factor in ensuring a great tone in the photo. You can provide any look for your photo by changing those tone curves. Here you see a ” Straight Line” that illustrates the entire RGB of your image. Now click on the ” RGB” option. Then you will see RED, GREEN, BLUE individually. 


Using the ” lens correction” option, you will get quick access to width or narrow the lens view. But for this picture, it seems the original lens view is fantastic, so we don’t need to correct the lens width. However, we want to apply a vintage effect so that we will use some vignetting here.


This is the final part of your job. Now enter the ” preset” option and go to the ” New preset” option below. Here a dialogue box will present displaying like the image as shown below.

Now, if you like to set any particular field as a preset, you can choose that one from the toggle menu as displayed in the image below.

Then keep everything checked and rename the preset as ” Cool day.”

After that, click “OK.” Now your preset has been completed. Then you may import any picture and click on the preset to look at the result quickly.

Therefore, you got the answer to how easily you can make your preset in Adobe Photoshop.


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