How Do I Choose A Clothing Label? |Which Kind of Labels are best for Clothing?

What is a clothing label?

A clothing label is a label made of the same piece of fabric or material of the similar clothing, or it looks like paper which contains important information about the custom product. The information a clothing label varies from placement to placement.

Some clothing labels are tucked inside the fabric or garment and others are hung on the outside. These cotton labels have information such as brand name or contact number. A brand name label is the important one.

A brand name label promotes the quality and experience of the brand to the customers and the next time people look out at that brand label they will easily be recognized. Brand name labels make the products stand out.

Other than brand name labels, other clothing labels also include useful information about the product such as country origin, fabric specification, product composition, yarn details, clothing size, washing instructions, and care & content.

How to Select the Perfect Label for Clothing?

To help you choose the best clothing label we have made a comparison between the two most popular clothing labels of all time – with their uses and advantages and disadvantages. Woven labels and printed cotton labels are the high-quality labels used widely in the garment and fashion industry.

Different brands often confuse whether to choose woven or printed clothing labels because each label benefits differently to the clothing. Let’s discuss in detail how can you choose a clothing label.

Types of Woven and Printed Labels | And How to Choose Labels for clothing?

Basically, labels are of two types: woven labels and printed labels. Woven labels are considered the high-quality label for clothing. These labels are durable and soft and give a professional look to the product. Printed labels on the other side, are used often for detailed designs and multiple texts. Printed labels are cheaper than woven labels and give a durable and smooth finishing hence do not last for long.

If you want woven labels for your clothing you must keep in mind that woven fabric labels are used for brand labels, made-in labels, size labels, and flag labels.

Based on their applications in clothing if your clothing item is something that needs a made-in label size label or flag label you must go with the woven fabric label because the woven label is not fit for complex designs and large texts. These kinds of labels do not contain enough information so they can be best visible if use woven labels.

Moreover, size labels and made-in labels are important information customer wants – So it must not fade away. Woven labels are standard for high-quality garments, so the information weaved into woven labels does not fade easily. Additionally, it cost a little bit for the elegant look it and the high-end finishing it gives to brand labels.

If you want printed labels for your clothing you must consider that printed fabric labels are used for brand labels, care labels, price labels/hang tags, and composition labels.

So if you want to have printed labels for clothing then you first find how printed labels can be used for various labels for clothing. Printed labels are the best bet for the brand label because they incorporate intricate designs and small or large text easily. So any brand information and detailing can be fit finely within printed labels. So for a detailed design and color variation printed labels are the best choice for your clothing labels.

Additionally, as printed labels are the best fit for large text and detailed information if your product is something that contains care and content information, precautions, how to use, and care instructions, composition, or pricing printed labels would be the best fit for you.

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