How do I apply for a tourist visa to India?

tourist visa


Voyagers from qualified nations can apply for an Indian traveler visa on the web. The India e-Tourist visa can be acquired from home, with a compelling reason need to go to an international safe haven or office to finish the solicitation.

What Is the Indian Tourist Visa?

The internet-based vacationer visa for India is an electronic authorization to travel that permits residents of qualified nations to visit India.

The Indian Visa Application for Tourist was sent off in October 2014 to improve the most common way of getting a visa and draw in additional unfamiliar guests.

The Indian Visa Application for Tourist or e-Tourist visa permits the holder to visit India for touristic purposes. A portion of the motivations to make a trip to India with this kind of visa are:

  1. Taking part in the travel industry activism
  2. Visiting loved ones
  3. Going to a yoga retreat

How to Get an e-Tourist Visa for India?

Apply for Tourist Visa for India, voyagers complete the internet-based structure. The accompanying fundamental data is required:

  1. Complete name
  2. Date and spot of birth
  3. Contact data
  4. Visa subtleties

There are likewise a progression of qualification and security questions. To conclude the solicitation, the vacationer visa expenses are paid safely online by charge or Mastercard.

Most e-Tourist visa applications are supported in 2-4 work days. Voyagers get visas for India by email.

How You Can Manage the India e-Tourist Visa

The e-Tourist visa is an electronic travel approval intended for voyagers who wish to visit India for travel industry purposes. This kind of eVisa for India can be utilized to visit milestones, investigate the nation, and find out about the way of life. The e-Tourist visa can likewise be acquired to see family or companions in India.

Numerous unfamiliar voyagers acquire the e-Tourist visa to partake in yoga withdraws. India is believed to be perhaps of the most profound put on Earth. Probably the holiest locales can be found in the nation including the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Rishikesh, or the Ellora and Ajanta Caves. India is the origin of Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, and where yoga began.

How Long Can You Stay in India With e-Tourist Visa?

How long a voyager can remain in India relies upon the sort of e-Visa they hold:

  1. One-month vacationer e-Visa — greatest 30 days
  2. One-year vacationer e-Visa — greatest 90 days for each stay

Nationals of Canada, Japan, the UK, and the US can remain in India for as long as 180 days with a one-year visa.

The fastest method for getting a traveler visa for India is on the web. Albeit numerous voyagers get the supported e-Visa in somewhere around 24 hours, voyagers ought to apply something like 4 work days ahead of time to permit time for handling.

Given candidates have all the necessary data and reports to deliver, the structure can be finished and submitted in no time flat. When the solicitation has been supported, the visa is emailed straightforwardly to the candidate.

As the cycle is 100 percent on the web, without the need to go to an office or international safe haven, the e-vacationer visa is the fastest method for accessing India for travel industry purposes.


The Tourist electronic visa costs nothing, as long as you process it straightforwardly at the public authority site. In the event that you decide to recruit a specialist visa administration, the last cost will incorporate their administration expense. This can be anything between USD $45 and $300, contingent upon the supplier you pick.