How Do Hair Growth Serums Work to Regrow Hair

Are you at that stage where you are experiencing hair loss due to several factors such as old age or ailments? Or are you in a position where you want to quicken your hair growth process by regrowing it? Well, there is an innovative way to do that.

Growth serums are the latest hair regrowth technology that allows those with hair loss to regrow their hair. But how do hair growth serums work to regrow hair?

Read today’s article to understand how this innovative technology works and whether it works.

What Causes Hair Loss Issues?

Hereditary factors typically cause hair loss. However, it is also brought about by different but manageable factors such as hormonal changes, ailments, nutritional deficiencies, stress, continuous hair bleaching, heat damage, and wearing tight hairstyles.

The good thing about hair loss is that if caused by manageable factors, it can be reversed using hair growth serums. All you need to do is to consult your dermatologist and always use dermatologist-recommended hair growth products

What is a Hair Growth Serum?

Before using a hair growth serum, it is imperative to understand the basic principle behind its use. Most hair serums are formulated liquid that helps manage hair loss by improving the quality and feel of the hair while offering a layer of protection.

Besides, the serums have ingredients (beneficial oil and extracts) potent enough to prevent hair loss and allow for new hair follicles to develop, leading to the growth of new hair.

How does Hair Growth Serum Work?

Now that you know what hair serum is, it is time to understand how it works.

The beneficial oils and the different extracts that work stimulate the hair follicles. The serum helps repair cell damage, condition the hair, improve the texture of your hair and nourish your follicles by ensuring enough blood flow.

Different hair serums have different compounds designed to perform specific hair regrowth functions and reverse hair loss. For instance, hair loss or male pattern baldness is caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a potent form of testosterone. However, using Profollica reverses hair loss by lowering DHT levels and encouraging hair growth.

Others like the Hum Hair Sweet hair growth vitamins contain biotin and zinc, essential nutrients for good hair health.

What Forms Does the Hair Growth Serum Exist?

Hair growth serums exist in different forms, including oil-based, spray-based, water-based, silicone-based, and supplement-based serums. Nonetheless, to see results, you will need to take them religiously.

Profillica comes in the form of daily supplements and an activator gel. Keranique comes in the form of a shampoo that requires you to continuously and thoroughly wash your hair to reverse the hair loss effects.

Which serum is best for hair regrowth?

While you can use any hair serum, it is recommended that you first undergo thorough hair loss treatment to determine your hair loss status. However, it would be best to use gender-specific hair serums with ingredients that will not bring about any allergic reactions.

If you are a man with baldness or rapid hair loss, you can use Profollica hair serum that works to reverse the effects of DHT. Likewise, if you are a lady dealing with hair loss, you can use Har Vokse, one of the top-rated hair growth products for women. It combines amino acids, plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that promote thicker hair, strengthen the hair follicles, and slow hair thinning.

Biotin hair growth serums work well for both men and women. In addition, you need to ensure that you use hair serums with the right ingredients. If a hair serum has compounds that can lead to an allergic reaction or worse hair loss, it is best not to use it.

Can Hair Growth Serums Offer 100% results?

When it comes to hair loss and growth, it is usually down to genetics. However, there are several ways to improve your hair regrowth besides hair serums. Though hair serums might offer great results, it is imperative to supplement their benefits with other methods such as sleep, diet, exercising, and stress reduction.

For instance, a nutritious and balanced diet is highly recommended since it ensures that your body has the proper nutrients to stimulate hair regrowth. The recommended nutrients for hair regrowth include omega-3 fatty acids, lean proteins, fat-soluble vitamins, zinc, B-complex vitamins, and iron.

Likewise, sleep directly affects body hormones, thus, it means poor sleep patterns can lead to melatonin reduction that leads to hair loss. Therefore, combining all available hair regrowth techniques will give you the best chance of regrowing your hair and effectively dealing with hair loss.