How Do Digital Business Cards Help in Networking?

Mastering the art of networking is essential to your professional development and success. In the end, doing so helps you connect with the right people and identify opportunities for growth. For this reason, you should consider obtaining a digital business card, which can be a tremendous asset in facilitating and improving your networking.

A digital business card is basically a landing page with all your professional details on it. When meeting someone in person, instead of handing out physical business cards, you can ask people to scan the QR code you carry. Additionally, you can also share the QR code by including it on a standee, social media post, or even a flyer.

If you are wondering why you should consider using a digital business card, here are three quick reasons:

  • It takes away the need for prospects to manually enter your contact details into their device.
  • It allows prospects to clearly see what you’re offering, which isn’t always possible with conventional paper cards.
  • It demonstrates that you’re someone who keeps up with digital innovations.

There are numerous reasons why you should upgrade your networking with digital or virtual business cards.

Benefit 1: Gives You A Clear Edge Over Others

When you have a digital business card, you don’t blend in, but rather stand out at any social gathering.

Did you know that 88 percent of traditional business cards distributed are discarded in less than a week? While most people are still sticking to their guns with traditional business cards, they’re also hindering their ability to remain memorable. If you want to make a solid first impression at a networking event and be remembered long after it’s over, bring a digital business card with you.

Because digital or virtual business cards are still new to many people, they are less likely to be forgotten. You can use them to stand out from the crowd, especially if your competition is still using inefficient printed cards that are easy to toss, lose, or forget.

Benefit 2: Allows Instant Contact Sharing So You Can Focus On What Matters

A virtual business card can help you stand out from the crowd and connect with potential customers instantly.

Nobody wants to spend time manually copying contact information from a traditional business card and saving it. This increases the likelihood of human error and places the onus on a prospect to make an effort to save your contact information. A digital business card solves this problem as the prospect can directly save the contact after clicking on your business card link or scanning its QR code.

Pro-Tip: Get a virtual business card to eliminate the need for any physical cards. You won’t feel embarrassed when someone asks for your business card and you don’t have a physical one with you. You can simply ask them to scan the QR code you are carrying.

Ever left your traditional business cards at home and forgotten about them? Or perhaps you ran out of them and neglected to place another order in time for a networking event. These issues can impede your ability to meaningfully connect with people at an event. Instead of scrambling to find a piece of paper to scribble your contact details or asking the person to save your details in front of you, a QR code business card saves you from this hassle. Simply present them with the QR code, and they can quickly save your contact information by accessing your business card online.

Take a hypothetical scenario where you go for a run and meet someone intriguing on the way home. Because you didn’t have a traditional business card with you, you might not have been able to connect with them the way you wanted to. You can ask them to scan the card right then and there if you have a virtual business card. In other words, a virtual business card allows you to network whenever and wherever without having to worry about carrying something with you.

So, create a digital business card now to elevate your networking efforts. 

Benefit 3: Enables Quick And Easy Access To Important Things Like Your Website And Portfolio

A virtual business card enables you to share important media and links with the people you network with.

Since electronic business cards are an innovation, they allow for a more thorough and meaningful exchange of professional information. They can enable you to share your personal website and portfolio as clickable links, which is especially advantageous if you work in an industry that produces digital products. In the end, it makes it easier for people to consider you by allowing them to view your contact information and your work in a single location.

Traditional business cards have limited capabilities, so you can not convey a great deal of information about your professional experience on them. A digital business takes away these limitations and gives you the opportunity to share more information about yourself. Essentially, this enables you to create a personal brand more easily and make a stronger impression at networking events.

Benefit 4: Shows Your Tech-Savviness And Eco-Friendliness

By using a digital business card instead of a traditional one, you can demonstrate to others that you care about the environment and are open to new technologies.

We live in a digital age where those who keep up with new technologies thrive. Everyone is interested in the most recent technological advancements that can improve their performance in any endeavor. With a digital business card, you can position yourself as a forward-thinking and knowledgeable person.

Aside from that, we also live in an age when people are becoming more aware of climate change and their social responsibility to protect the environment. With the masses holding corporations accountable for their practices in order to ensure sustainability, there is something appealing about eco-friendly individuals.

During networking events, you can ensure you show your tech-savvy and eco-conscious side by using virtual business cards instead of traditional printed ones. If you actively work to protect the environment and use digital technologies rather than just preach about them, people will respect you more.

The Bottom Line

Business cards, whether digital or traditional, play an important role in facilitating networking. A digital business card’s unique capabilities make it a more effective networking tool. Not only does it help you appear more memorable and edgy, but it also demonstrates your tech-savviness. When people can see how you stand out, they’re going to be more interested in connecting with you at networking events.

Digital business cards allow for more efficient contact saving. Aside from that, they allow the viewer to see more relevant information, like your website or portfolio, through clickable links. Digital business cards facilitate networking through all of these features.

Adil Husnain

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