How Do Dental Implants Benefit Senior Citizens?

When we start aging, we should consistently work to keep our bodies healthy. We try to achieve this through a healthy diet and some regular exercise. Oral health is also a significant part that needs to be healthy. This includes good oral hygiene, checkups regularly, and cleanings.

Instead of all our best efforts, some of us start losing some teeth along the way. The good news for seniors is that for replacing teeth, dentures are not the only option. Before going to the benefits of Frisco dental implants, let us first know some of the important essentials about the same.

Dental implants are attached with a particular surgical process, and it is done by a prosthodontist or a periodontist. Here tiny metal rods are attached to the jawbone. When these rods have fused with the bone, a connector is then attached, and then an artificial crown is kept on the top. In the whole process, local or general anesthesia is used, and some over-the-counter pain relief medications are used at the time of recovery.

This surgery is one of the most comfortable, reliable ways for seniors to restore their natural look and the chewing capabilities of their mouth. It helps in enhancing their appearance and their quality of life.

Why do senior citizens need dental implants?

Nowadays, senior citizens feel so comfortable with dental implants in Frisco TX that they think they had done it much before. Many of them are now ditching their dentures for it. Pinnacle dental is one of the best dental clinics that offer dental implant services to senior citizens.

Now let us know about its top advantages for the seniors:

  • Better eating practices: When biting and chewing are wholly restored, seniors can start eating foods that they had once left as they caused some pain as well as irritation. With the restoration of full biting capabilities, they can now quickly eat vegetables and fruits, which they were enjoying. Then seniors often start discovering that when they eat a variety of food, it helps maintain health and energy levels. Proper chewing also helps in the process of digestion which is yet another best health benefit.
  • It gives a better look: won’t you feel nice when you see photos with your grandkids with a full smile. For seniors, it provides them with a chance to smile again without getting worried or embarrassed about the missing teeth. When someone looks good, they also feel good, and many benefits come as well.
  • Feel better: When we feel confident in our overall appearance, we start feeling better about ourselves. When someone can chew adequately and start enjoying the food they love, they also feel healthier. Feeling better helps in enhancing the quality of life.
  • Saves money: Dentures hold a possibility of breakage and thus need maintenance. At the same time, Implants are a one-time investment and also a permanent dental solution. This also holds cost benefits for the long term.
  • Easy for compared to dentures: Dentures might get slipped or become stained very easily. Therefore, it should be removed for cleaning. Dental implants are fixed in one place permanently and need care like your natural teeth. They also cause not much discomfort like dentures.

Make the dental implants work in the best way to suit your requirements!

A dental implant mainly consists of a titanium fixture that is crafted in the shape of a screw. This screw-shaped fixture is then placed over your jaws as one of the substitutes for the missing teeth. The screw-shaped fixtures make the base for crowns, partial and complete dentures, and bridges.

The most important thing about implants is they heal and then bond to the jaw bone directly, which helps prevent jaw bone loss. Because of this, dental implants help replace the missing teeth and assist in further bone degeneration, which is a common symptom among seniors due to a lack of calcium.

Your dentist decides about the number of dental implants you need after having a very close look for any sign of damage in the jaw bone and the number of bridges, dentures, and crowns needed for support.

Right from a single tooth to a complete jaw, the Frisco dentist at Pinnacle Dental assists its patients of every age to enjoy their food and smile again with the best oral of Home Depot health check.