How Do Blocked Drain Plumber Unclog Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are certainly not a pleasing sight. However, never undermine smaller issues as they crop up to escalate the problem to the next level. Seeking professional assistance is always good. Blocked drain plumbers are trained and experienced to unclog the drain. They have some easy tips, and for stubborn blockages, they have specialized tools to unclog the blocked drain. In this blog, we will be discussing the easier tips of unclogging the blocked drain and some of the tools that blocked drain plumbers use to clear the clog. 

Blocked drain plumber

Tools used by blocked drain plumber:

A plumber is as good as the tools that he comes with. Suppose you cannot find equipment like Plungers, Force Pump, Rodders, Grappler hook, Rooter, Sectional Drain Cleaners, Electric Snake, Drill-style drain cleaner, Jet-Style Cleaner in his kit. In that case, you can be more or less assured that the so-called ‘professional’ is hardly the one you should recruit. An experienced and trained plumbing professional comes equipped with most of these tools to quickly resolve the issue. 

How do blocked drain plumbers clear the drain?

  • Inspecting the pipeline: Before buckling up to get rid of the clogs, it is important to identify the intensity of the issue. Then, the plumber will have a closer look at the pipeline and try to find the root cause of the problem. 
  • Pipe cameras: Peeping inside the pipeline needs an eagle’s eye. But even the best plumber can do it without the right tools. A pipe camera is a must for this. They will use this camera and insert it in the problematic pipeline to figure out the cause of the blockage. This is an easy way to find out the problem area and rectify the same.
  • Plunger: This is the most common tool that you will find with a blocked drain plumbing expert, Every plumber will first use this to clear the blockage, and in case the problem persists, they switch to some advanced tools. You can also keep a plunger at home to get rid of minor blockages. 
  • Hydro jets: There are some stubborn blockages; a plunger will not be helpful here, so you need high-pressure hydro jets. The high-pressure water flows down the drain to clear up any blockages. 
  • Drain cleaning chemicals:  A professional plumber will always have chemical cleaners that can easily dissolve the blockages. However, some of these chemicals are very harsh and abrasive, and only a blocked drain plumbing expert knows the right way of using them. You can also buy these chemicals from the market and use them, but make sure that you choose them wisely. Again, you can seek the advice of the plumber before making a purchase. 

These are some of the key tools that help a blocked drain plumbing expert to clear the blocked drain. You can also buy these tools and clean up the blocked drains, but some of the blockages are very stubborn and only a professional blocked drain expert can get rid of them.  

Choosing the right plumber is equally important:

We have discussed at length the various tools used by the blocked drain plumbing expert, and when it comes to making the final call, you must always rely on the one who is experienced, holds the license, and provides emergency services. The internet is the right place to search for the best plumbers; you can also seek references from family and friends who have previously availed of their services.

Blocked drain plumber

Concluding thoughts:

Remember, a seamlessly working drainage system is a must for every house, and so if you notice any problem in it, contact a professional blocked drain plumber to resolve it.