How Distance Teaching is Changing the Way We Learn

Distance teaching has been around for quite a while but it was not main stream at all, in fact distance teaching was only reserved for those people who were busy with other tasks in their life but needed to learn new things along the way, hence a new method was introduced for these people.

Chegg – an online educator leader – allows tutors to create content for their students and publish that in traditional media like CDs or print media format, but with the changes in technology distance teaching is being done with the help of internet.

The same content is shared to the students via internet, on paper this does seem like an excellent idea but in real life it has its caveats due to which the distance learning field never matured enough and was overlooked in favor of the traditional face to face mode of teaching, that was until now.

With this pandemic on hand and everything is under lockdown, the education sector is facing a difficulty as they have to choose to save lives of their students and faculty over the regular classes, with the schools and colleges closed the faculty as well as students are falling behind schedule and they have now turned to the under matured distance teaching method, since the staff and students are not familiar with this method they face a number of difficulties and require an easy solution to tackle this problem.

FlipHTML5 is a software solution that provides its user with a variety of features with the highlight of creating flipbooks in a matter of minutes. The content that the teacher wishes to share with their students can be converted from a PDF, DOC or PPT file into a flipbook resembling the traditional textbooks, as its noted that traditional books are far better as compared to simple PDF documents.

The FlipHTML5 has the feature to publish the book offline or online to a cloud server from where it can be shared with the students, the flipbooks can also be embedded into a WordPress site along with all this the flipbooks are compatible with PC, Tablets or any smart phone of choice that support the HTML browsers.

The tutors can also enrich their flipbooks with multimedia and can also add their own logos to represent their schools or colleges. So with all these new features the overlooked distance learning and teaching is being brought to light, more and more schools are turning towards this mode of teaching as there is no end date for the prevailing pandemic.