How Did this International Law Firm Get so Popular in Budapest?

With lawyers whose legal experience goes way further than the borders of Hungary, an international law firm in Budapest has become very successful with both local and foreign businesses. Read on to find out more about one of the most popular law firms in Central Eastern Europe!

Lawyers with International Backgrounds – The Experience of Attorneys at a Law Firm in Budapest

There are many reasons behind the popularity of KNP Law international law firm in Budapest. One of them being of course the international experience that their lawyers put to use to represent the interests of companies from a multitude of sectors, including healthcare, renewable energy, IT, finances, white collar crime, and more.

Here are a couple of members of the KNP team who have contributed to the firm’s large success in Europe:

  • Csaba Rusznak has become the new Head of Practice of KNP Law after coming back from the United States. He has gained significant experience in various litigation cases held in US courts. He also specializes in international investment arbitration procedures to represent parties present in different countries.
  • Oliver Koppany has become the Foreign Legal Counsel of KNP Law international law firm in Budapest. Before coming back to Hungary, he was employed in one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington D.C. where he worked as a legal advisor focusing on export control, trade policy, and economic sanctions. As of now, he provides legal aid in cases involving commercial real estate transactions and international pharmaceutical law.

Other Legal Areas this International Law Firm in Budapest Excels at

Apart from the legal practice areas aforementioned, KNP international law firm provides many other types of legal services in Budapest. Thanks to the expertise of their team, they can provide a large range of legal aid to businesses of all sizes from all kinds of industries. This wide range of law services provided by experts in their field has greatly contributed to the firm’s popularity.

Here are just some examples of the legal services they offer to their clients:

Corporate and Commercial Law

A full range of services that provide legal representation to locally listed and international companies. Ideal for small and large businesses alike who are involved in cross-border deals or have foreign partners.

Intellectual Property Rights

Because of the omnipresence of digital technology, managing and safeguarding your intellectual property right is more important than ever to keep your competitive advantage.

Competition Law

KNP Law international law firm in Budapest supports its clients on 2 fronts. They help them avoid enforcement pitfalls that could severely damage their business, while proactively helping them to identify opportunities to grow their business.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

KNP law firm actively assists their clients within the territory of Hungary with the formation of new entities, their separation, their sale, or their purchase. Additionally, they also have experience in the representation of companies and organizations within Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia.


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