How deep should your above ground and semi in-ground pool be?

There are three major types of swimming pools: above ground, semi in-ground, and in-ground pools. The In-ground pool is, by far, the most popular type of the three and is often what comes to mind when someone mentions a swimming pool.

This results from the ease of installation and relatively less technical knowledge required for maintaining the pool.

This is not to say that the other two types are inferior; in fact, each pool type has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing to install one or the other depends on what satisfies the more significant bulk of requirements and wishes you might have for your pool.

Other than the ease of installation, budget and size and scope of the space in which it is to go, the type of pool being often built also determines the pool’s depth. AN in-ground pool has a recommended minimum depth of 4 feet, for example. This depth provides the most generous cushion for those that wish to jump into the pool.

Deeper pools are better for places that are used mostly by adults or growing people to maintain the same safety margin. Above ground and semi in-ground pools each come with their depth recommendations as well.

When considering an above ground pool, the depth varies with the size of the pool. Above-groundpools range in size from 48” to 54”, based on the bordering wall’s height. As Above-ground pools are not usually filled to the brim, most of the water would overflow once someone climbed or jumped in.Β 

Water is piped approximately 6” below the wall’s surface to have ideal clearance. Additionally, the clearance at the bottom takes up an extra 2”. The total β€˜unusable space’ created by clearance requirements for this type of pool comes to 8”. This means that above ground pool depths will often be between 40” to 46”.

Semi in-ground pools straddle both the above and in-ground pool aesthetics. These pools are handy in areas sloped as they can take advantage of varied terrain to fit differing pool types that combine into one entity.

Semi in-ground pools are easy to install as they come in the form of a kit that can be a self-actualised assembly project. They are not as labour-intensive as in-ground pools and are just as easy on the pockets as well. Semi in-ground pools are also very durable and can last much longer than above ground pools with proper care and maintenance.

As to the depth of a semi in-ground pool, this can be somewhat limited. These pools attempt to find a midway point between above-ground pools and in-ground pools. The basis of this is that the section built above ground is limited to the size of lining available for above-ground pools. Semi in-ground pools will, therefore, range in depth from 42” to 46” deep.

Installing your pool can be an exciting experience, second only to making use of it. The choice you make between an above ground and a semi in-ground pool can only be informed by the available information and dictated by determining what you feel would serve you best.

If you are trying to decide between the two, you may also seek expert advice to help steer you in the direction that will be most satisfactory.