How Crowd Testing Can Improve the User Journey and Increase User Satisfaction

User satisfaction remains one of the key points for the entire product’s success. The reason is that customers always prefer using only stable, well-designed, and reliable solutions. Confidentiality and security are also among the most important features valued by users. 

According to PwC’s Future of Customer Experience report, 32% of customers will stop using a digital product after just one negative experience. Even if the users were supporters of your brand, up to 60% would leave after only two bad experiences. Therefore, any company should pay extra attention to the top-notch quality of its digital product and make sure it fully meets the needs of the audience. 

What Is Crowdtesting?

Crowd testing offers on-demand software testing services through a platform that connects businesses with a global network of professional testers who can perform various testing tasks such as functional testing, compatibility testing, security testing, and more. The goal of crowd-testing is to help businesses improve the quality of their software and deliver high-quality products to their users.

Crowdtesting is a preferred and convenient service that allows testing any type of digital product on as many real devices, carriers, and locations as needed, performed by a global community of professional quality assurance engineers or beta testers. 

Using crowdsourced testing at any stage of the development process helps to identify many bugs that are difficult to detect by traditional testing methods. As a result, using “the power of the crowd” significantly improves product quality and customer satisfaction. However, there are many more advantages of crowdsourcing. 

Who Is Involved In Crowdtesting?

Using the global network of crowd testers allows any company to test its digital solutions in real-market environments. The fact is that there are still no emulators or simulators that can be as effective as real-life testing, especially when it comes to user satisfaction. Consequently, professional quality assurance engineers, and/or qualified beta testers, are always involved in the process, since crowdtesting offers its customers a combination of experience and qualification.

What is more, the companies that use crowdsourced testing also have a dedicated assigned project manager and a community manager. These experts will help you manage the entire testing cycle, communicate with the testers, and reduce your management overhead and efforts. 

Among the undeniable benefits of using crowdtesting is having access to a specially developed ‘issue reporting platform’, where you can find in a single place all the information about the bugs, crashes, issues, and flaws detected during the quality assurance (QA) process. Such a platform allows all your stakeholders to have a single and organized place to view all the reported issues/bugs and the current status of each such issue.   

Crowdtesting services have a cost-effective price that can fit almost any budget. Moreover, this solution will help your project or company significantly decrease expenses – you will not need to hire additional full-time QA engineers but benefit from getting professional testing help only when you need it. Scalability is what can make your company grow and become more flexible. 

So, why crowd testing is important? Not only can it help you optimize your expenses during the development stage and save money, but also make the final quality of your product significantly better. 

How Crowd Testing Can Improve The User Journey?

  • Speed up test cycles and increase test coverage. If you have urgent deadlines, crowd testing will help you complete your testing cycle, detect bugs, and provide feedback within the shortest terms. 
  • Optimize the customer experience by testing real user journeys. You can receive plenty of useful information about the strong points and weaknesses of your digital product from a fresh and independent perspective. Crowd testing can help identify issues that can affect the user experience, such as usability, accessibility, and navigation. Your application will be tested in real-world scenarios and devices, where testers will behave like real customers of your product. 
  • Testing on different devices and platforms. Checking digital solutions on a wide range of devices, platforms, and environments, helps to identify any compatibility issues that may exist, ensuring that the product works correctly on all devices will give you all the needed info for improving your products. 
  • Provide parallel testing. This type of testing brings your quality assurance process to a higher level and allows you to detect more bugs within a limited time frame. 
  • Scalability. There is no longer a need to focus on human resource management and hire extra full-time employees to join your team – feel free to get help from expert QAs in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. Getting pro help from crowd testers is always more budget-friendly than hiring a full-time QA. Moreover, detecting serious bugs will help you improve your application and fit the customer’s needs. 
  • Time-to-market. Crowd testing can help to accelerate the time-to-market for the product since product issues can be identified and resolved faster. 

Why Crowd Testing Right For Your Organization?

  • Provides higher revenues for the business and overall better ROI;
  • Improved user experience and as a result – boosts your customer satisfaction rates;
  • Helps you stand out from your competitors and enhanced your brand reputation;
  • Reduces the number of errors and wastage of your business resources;
  • Improves collaboration (promotes better interaction between testers, developers, product teams, and other stakeholders) that makes the entire testing process more effective.  


Crowd testing is an advanced, and reliable solution for testing various types of digital products in real-life environments. Making sure your application will perform well on different devices, carriers, and locations is crucial for its success. 

Crowdsourced testing is an effective way to improve the user journey and increase user satisfaction by identifying issues, gathering feedback, and improving product quality. By utilizing a large group of testers, developers can ensure that their product is working correctly on a wide range of devices and platforms and is meeting the needs and expectations of users.

Ubertesters, one of the leading crowdtesting services on the global market, allows companies to receive plenty of benefits: 

  • Detect bugs at any stage of the development process and avoid risks of facing crashes right before the release;
  • Receive an unbiased opinion from quality assurance professionals on how to improve the product quality, fit the needs of the customers, and have a better performance. 
  • Get the help of a dedicated project manager and optimize the quality assurance process to improve the entire team’s productivity.
  • Reform your QA initiatives to a stable and effective testing process. 
  • Save costs and make your quality assurance process more budget-friendly.