How Covid Changed The Shopping Experience For Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle culture has always been a huge part of riding for many if not most people who own a motorcycle. Before the pandemic, it was pretty common to find people who thought of the process of shopping for motorcycle parts and accessories to be a social event. Sure, there were online parts stores that had their fans, but they earned them based on sales and a selection of often hard to find parts, especially for older bikes. Even then, many people took to the local parts store or dealership to talk out ideas about upgrades before price shopping the actual purchase, and that got a lot harder to do once COVID-19 went global.

Suddenly online socialization was the norm, and online shopping for parts went hand in hand with it. That wasn’t the only change to consumer shopping choices when it came to motorcycle gear and parts, though. The shutdown of public spaces drove many riders to invest in gear and builds that are suited to touring in less populated areas and camping, to stay safe while getting out of the house for a vacation trip. As a result, the trends in hot seasonal parts last year and this year represent a departure from the most popular choices before the pandemic.

What Motorcycle Parts Are Hot This Summer


With the boom in outdoor sports participation and camping, it should be no surprise that dualsport bikes and dirt bikes have seen a boost in sales. If you’re looking at touring in areas where you might have to take a bike onto dirt roads or even service access paths, it’s a good idea to look at some off-road choices like the itp mud lite 2 tire. Realistically, it’s also good to make sure you’re riding a dualsport if possible, because then your bike will be made for both street and trail. Either way, consider something like the IPT Mud Lite 2 tire to help with traction when you leave the pavement. In addition to tire upgrades, you might also want to check out:

  • Performance brakes
  • Accessory charging ports
  • Phone and GPS mounts
  • Upgraded shocks
  • New storage options

Combine these with your favorite light loadout camping gear and you’re set to overnight wherever the long road leaves you at the end of the day.

How Motorcycle Tires Can Improve Your Riding Experience


Motorcycle tires affect your handling and fuel economy, just like car and truck tires. The difference is that with only two wheels, each tire is responsible for a lot more of the bike’s weight and momentum while cornering. The right tires for the environment and the right amount of tread on them are absolutely vital to a smooth and safe ride, especially if you’re planning a long trip.

If you haven’t upgraded in a while, check out the prices on motorcycle tires for sale this season, then treat yourself to a set that fits the terrain where you’ll be riding. Serious riders looking to see a large section of the country on road and off should consider investing in a set for every terrain. That way, each tire set is only run under ideal conditions, allowing all of them to last longer.