How COVID-19 Is Revolutionizing Office and Work from Home

With businesses having to close down to help flatten the curve, more and more companies adapted work from home system to get them through. It was the only way you could work at the time after all. But, now that we have gotten a taste of all this flexible technique has to offer, some say we won’t just let it go.

These circumstances has prompted us to think if such long working hours are worth it, if so many meetings are necessary or are we more productive at home. After so many years, people are looking at the work-from-home method and seeing it for the viable system that it is. The world will never be the same again. Along with work from home, we’ll also be observing changes in offices.

Perks of Work From Home

Not having to go to office has a number of perks that people just can’t get enough off.

For employees, not having to commute to and from work has lifted a major weight of our chests. You’re able to save hours if you live particularly far away. You can thus, catch up on much needed sleep, save money on gas and this way you also bypass a ton of stress that commuting brings. Lowered carbon footprint is another plus point.

Without having to deal with and organizing large meetings that waste precious time, teams can simply conference call over Skype or Zoom. If they need to communicate, well platforms like Slack and Asana are more than up to the task.

Given how throughout the day there is time that are just wasted because we don’t have any work that needs completing per se except to be available when need arises. When you work from home, you can relax in the free time that you get, or better yet get some chores done. Need to visit the doctor, or pick kids from school? Well under this system you can do that with ease.

People working from home are also setting up their own office space which really beats the suffocating cubicle structure and can prove mentally healthy for employees.

For companies, they may be seeing an increase in productivity and morale of employees. What more could they want? This crisis has forced businesses to see the positive effects that working from home brings and it is hoped that this practice may be adopted and implemented widely even after coronavirus is gone.

Reimagining the Urban Landscape

If working from home turns into the default way of life, then the entire ways cities are designed could change.  Urban planning usually revolves on creating homes around centers of commerce, i.e. shops and offices. This leads congested areas where parks and recreational spaces take a back seat. With the work from home dynamic, this will no longer be the case.

Changing Offices

First off, if companies embrace the work from home culture, we could see a drastic decrease in office space. This means less people on floor and more working remotely. With the current 6 feet distance guidelines being advised, offices in the future may also increase the space to person ratio with each person having more space to function. This is not all.

The current pandemic has brought several concerns to the forefront like hygiene. Moving forward we can expect to see sanitizers becoming a permanent addition to the office as well installation of no-touch technology. We touch several doors a day, press elevator buttons riddled with bacteria, not to forget fingerprint scanners that record attendance.

Another technological change we will get to see is new HVAC systems. The current systems simply recirculate the indoor air that is known to help pathogens spread. The new systems, it is hoped, will circulate fresh air from the outside. This will additionally improve employee health as well since such closed buildings have higher concentrations of carbon dioxide.


As you can see, the world as we know it will change and such change is sure to have its challenges.

While tech companies are upping their game to fill in the new demand for software facilitating remote working, the broadband networks are struggling to keep it going. The increased internet usage from people working from home and children studying online is testing the networks strength. Add to this, since people are bored at home, usage in evenings has peaked as well.

Final Word

The world may be changing completely, but it’s hopefully for the better. These trends show there is much to hope for. Considering the challenges though, we should all try to do our part whether it is practicing social distancing or watching cable instead of streaming at peak time in the evening. With RCN internet service you’ll get a selection of popular shows and movies sure to keep you entertained. It’s the small things that make a difference so do whatever you can, whenever you can.


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