How Costly is the Dodge Challenger Car Insurance?

Insuring a car is a must in order to maintain safety and security for you and the others who are travelling with you in your car. Certain car models can be very expensive and these expensive cars require high-cost insurance as they have high maintenance costs and high requirements for protection.

If you happen to drive a Dodge Challenger, then this article can be helpful for you to understand which type of car insurance policies can be useful according to your preference.

What way is the best way to find out how much Dodge Challenger Insurance Rates might cost?

The easiest and the most effective way to find out about the general cost of Dodge Challenger Insurance policies is to look at the average rates which the car owners of this particular car pay.

What factors affect car insurance rates?

Several important factors impact the price of your car’s insurance rates. The factors include your driving history, area of your residence, the place where you park your car and your present age.

Which aspects impact the cost of Dodge Challenger Insurance?

While looking at the points which determine the insurance costs of Dodge Challenger cars, we should keep in mind that the car’s model year or the age of the vehicle is not an important factor.

The cost tends to fluctuate between the model years, but the age of the car does not directly correlate with the premiums of the insurance. Lets, take an example:- If the average cost of a 2020 Challenger car insurance premium was $1692 each year, and the approximate premium rate of a 2010 Challenger was $1364, then only $328 can be saved for a 10 years age gap of the car.

The driver’s age is also an important factor for the rates of Dodge Challenger Car Insurancepremiums. Although this thing is not specific for those who drive a Dodge Challenger. According to a recent survey conducted by Value Penguin, a 30 years old driver who drives a Challenger pays about $74 more than a 40-year-old driver who drives the same car.

Location of residence can also affect the insurance cost for your Challenger vehicle. Several reports from the Finder website reveal that drivers who live in Houston, Texas, pay $1247 more on an average than a driver who resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Another important factor that can contribute to the difference in Dodge Challenger insurance cost is your previous driving history. Drivers between 20 to 29 years of age who have driving violation records can experience the highest increase in car insurance rates.

If your Challenger car has a number of safety features, then the insurance price might reduce. The models and the trim levels of the Dodge Challenger Car which you drive also impact the total insurance cost of your car. More powerful trim levels and models are more expensive to insure.

The cost for Dodge Challenger Insurance also depends on the safety ratings of the vehicle. Here is a list of the safety ratings as presented by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for a Dodge Challenger Car :

  • Moderate overlap front crash: good
  • Roof strength- Average
  • Small overlap front driver-side crash: Marginal
  • Side Crash- good
  • Head Restraints and Roof- Average

Average Cost of Insurance for a Dodge Challenger?

A Dodge Challenger Insurance cost in the United States is around $1692 per year and this can be paid monthly in instalments. Each instalment can cost $141 every month.

Best Insurance Service provider for Dodge Challenger vehicles.

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