How Costly is a Ford Fiesta Car Insurance for a 17-year-old?

You might have questions regarding the car insurance rates for Ford Fiesta. Questions regarding which insurance is the cheapest for Ford Fiesta are very much common in the mind of the car owners. This article will give you the required information which you need to know before you purchase Ford Fiesta auto insurance coverages.

The average monthly cost for ford fiesta st insurance for 17 year oldis around $1212. The differences in cost depending on the area in which one lives.

Rates for Ford Fiesta Car Insurance

For full coverage estimated insurance rates for Ford Fiesta Car Insurance is around $1,206 a year. Comprehensive insurance costs on an average of $250, liability insurance estimates are around $398 and the cost for collision insurance is around $418.

A policy for liability only insurance is around $460 per year, and a high-risk policy’s approximate cost is around $2608 or more. Ford Fiesta Insurance for a 17-year-oldcan cost up to $4,616 a year.

Insurance Price Range by Risk and Coverage

The insurance rates of a Ford Fiesta for a mid-aged driver can range from $460 for the bare minimum liability coverage to as high a range as $2,608 for high-risk insurance coverage.

Location-oriented Insurance price range

Residence in a large city has a serious impact on insurance rates. Since rural areas have comparatively lower accident rates than congested cities, the car insurance rates in the cities are much higher than that of the rural areas.

Additional Rate information for Ford Fiesta Car Insurance Policies

The list shows an average Ford Fiesta Car Insurance Rate with other coverage provisions.

  • The full coverage costs around $706
  • By choosing high deductibles can save approximately $150 a year.

If you have made a few violations in the past or have a tendency to cause accidents, you could be paying $1400 to $ 2000 extra per year. This rate depends on your age. Ford Fiesta Insurance coverage for risk-prone drivers ranges between 43 % to 129 % more than the average price rate.

The Ford Fiesta ST Insurance cost for a 17-years-old is generally expensive, even when the cheapest Ford Fiesta is bought.

Safety Ratings of Ford Fiesta

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the below-mentioned safety ratings for the 2019 Ford Fiesta vehicle.

  • Moderate overlap front -Good
  • Side-Good
  • Head Restraints and Roof- Good
  • Roof strength- Good
  • Small overlap front- Marginal

Safety features vary from time to time and so the price of Fiesta Auto Insurance for the 2014 Fiesta may be different than the 2013 same car’s auto insurance cost. This difference in cost of insurance varies with the addition of more safety features along with up-gradation.

The standard safety features on Ford Fiesta cars are multiple airbags, traction control, brake assist, electronic stability control and many more.

How is the Ford Fiesta compared against the other vehicles belonging to the same class?

Being a mini car Ford Fiesta has an effect on liability insurance rates. Ford Fiesta’s liability losses on average are worse than the other minicar’s (other brands) liability losses

Rates of Premium cost for Ford Fiesta on the basis of driver’s age

The Ford Fiesta insurance cost for a 17-year-old  would be around$4616

The Insurance cost for drivers of 20 years of age would be around $ 2790

The insurance cost for drivers of 30 years of age would be around $1250.

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