How Contactless Ordering Can Help Your Restaurant

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with the world around us. For restaurant owners, finding ways to adapt and provide a safe and efficient dining experience is crucial. One solution that is gaining popularity is contactless ordering. Read on to learn what a contactless ordering system is, and how implementing it in your restaurant can improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

What is Contactless Ordering?

Contactless ordering is a system where customers can browse the menu, order their food, and pay for their meals without coming into contact with restaurant staff or physical menus. This process can be implemented through a variety of methods – from QR codes to mobile apps, or even through a restaurant’s website. The goal is to minimize human contact while providing a seamless and efficient dining experience. This process can have numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved Efficiency: By enabling customers to place their orders directly, contactless ordering alleviates the need for staff to take orders manually. This can help reduce the risk of errors, such as misheard orders, and allows staff to focus on other essential tasks such as food preparation and customer service.
  • Faster Turnover: Contactless ordering decreases wait times for both ordering and receiving food. Customers can order at their own pace without waiting for a server, which can reduce overall table turnover times and potentially lead to increased revenue.
  • Better Customer Experience: With the ability to browse the menu and order at their leisure, customers have a more relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Additionally, they can easily customize their orders, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Ease of Use for the Customer

Contactless ordering systems are generally easy to use and intuitive for customers. Scanning a QR code or accessing an app can provide customers with access to a digital menu that can be quickly and easily navigated. This digital menu can also include images or detailed descriptions for each dish, helping customers make informed decisions about their orders.

Streamlining Kitchen Operations

By implementing a contactless ordering system, kitchen staff can receive orders directly, enabling them to start preparing dishes more quickly. This can help reduce wait times for customers while also reducing pressure on staff during busy periods. Furthermore, digital orders can be managed more easily than handwritten tickets, reducing the risk of lost or mixed-up orders.

Data Collection

Another benefit of contactless ordering systems is that they can collect valuable data for restaurants. The system can track which dishes are being ordered most frequently, which items are performing well, and which need improvement. Based on this data, restaurant owners can make informed decisions about menu items and promotions, ultimately leading to higher profits and improved customer experience.

Reducing Health Risks

By minimizing direct contact between staff and customers, contactless ordering is ideal for maintaining a safer dining environment. During public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach helps reduce the risk of virus transmission by eliminating the need for shared menus or contact with servers. This way, restaurants can provide a secure dining experience, gaining the trust and confidence of safety-conscious patrons.

Environmentally Friendly

Contactless ordering can also contribute to sustainability efforts. By replacing paper menus with digital alternatives, restaurants can significantly reduce their paper consumption and carbon footprint. Moreover, paper waste is further reduced with the elimination of printed receipts, as digital invoices can be sent directly to customers via email or app notifications. As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, adopting eco-friendly practices can set your restaurant apart and attract a responsible, environmentally-conscious clientele.

Integrating with Existing Systems

For many restaurants, existing POS (point-of-sale) systems and inventory management software can easily be integrated with contactless ordering solutions. This seamless integration can ensure that orders are accurately recorded and synced across all platforms, resulting in better inventory tracking and sales data. Incorporating contactless ordering with established systems saves time, resources, and potential complications, allowing for a smoother transition into this new ordering method.

Many restaurants have successfully incorporated contactless ordering into their operations, leading to improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Be sure to browse through some success stories and examples of how businesses have used contactless ordering to their advantage, and get inspired to make the transition in your own establishment.


By allowing customers to order and pay for their meals without the need for direct human interaction, contactless ordering systems have the potential to revolutionize the restaurant industry. With benefits such as improved efficiency, faster turnover, and enhanced customer experience, implementing contactless ordering could be a game-changer for any restaurant looking to thrive in this new normal. The ease of use for customers, streamlined kitchen operations, data collection capabilities, reduced health risks, and eco-friendly aspects make contactless ordering an investment worth exploring for restaurant owners.