How Casey Holladay Earned a Full Time Income After Leaving School

A Better Way 

Casey Holladay was earning a full-time income and driving a brand new BMW by the age of 19. He explains that he knew that if other young people could make a lot of money, he could too. Casey dropped out of college and pursued his own path. He saw people living luxurious lives and knew he would do whatever it takes to have that. That path includes a five-figure monthly income and the freedom to live the life he once envied.

Branching Out

After Casey’s initial success, he managed door-to-door operations for numerous companies nationwide, living in six states in just one year. Casey was able to build the skills, experience and networks necessary to launch his own company because of these opportunities. At 25, he co-founded Market Hackers, a company that provides AI-based investment technologies. “We help the average person to create more financial freedom,” he explains. The company boasts nearly 50,000 Facebook members and a customer base of more than 10,000, just two years later. 

Unshaken Belief

Casey maintains that young entrepreneurs need to be prepared for the hard work and criticism that often comes with the venture, even as outsiders might simply see the success.  “One of my biggest challenges was not only having to deal with tough situations but then having to explain to parents, family and friends that you aren’t a failure, that it’s a business and the income isn’t the same as a job,” he explains. “Through the ups and downs, I held firm to an unwavering belief in myself and the work I was doing.” “You have to really believe in yourself and just keep going,” he adds. 


To date, Casey is responsible for more than 30 million products sold and has helped hundreds of people find their own path to financial freedom. But it’s not all work. Casey is careful to take time to enjoy himself amidst all the hustle. He especially values time with his family. “I love being on the water, too,” he adds. “I also love to travel, eat, and just experience life.”  


Even with the early success and current financial productivity, Casey is not content to stay put. Instead, he’s always looking for ways to improve his businesses and himself. He explains that daily personal improvement is big. I surround myself with like-minded individuals and other successful people. The strategy of helping more people see success is clearly working, as Casey’s individual success and network of successful partners continues to grow.