How Car Wash Businesses Have Evolved Over the Years

Water issues and technological advancements have led to numerous dynamics and changes in the car wash business. Water purification, water contamination, and water use have contributed to the evolution of various car washing techniques that companies are using today.

Suppose you visit a car wash; you will find multiple advancements in economic and ecological innovations, water purification and desalination, advanced water recycling systems, and new washing technologies such as hybrid and touch-free washing technology. As the demand for clean and quality water rises, car wash companies seek profitable water recycling systems. 

Types of Car Washing Methods

There are several types of car wash techniques available today. Although in the early days, car wash businesses used assembly-line car washes and many employees, people are now using several modern types of car washes, such as: 

• Friction Car Washing Method

Friction car washing methods involve contact with the vehicle while washing using spinning brushes. However, you may still use high-pressure water. 

• Touchless Car Washing Method

As the name suggests, touchless car washing methods do not involve physical contact while washing. Instead, these methods use high-pressure water to wash your vehicle.

• Tunnel Car Washing Method

Tunnel car washing involves using a tunnel structure that moves vehicles through a conveyor belt of washing equipment.

• In-bay Car Washing Method

In-bay car washing involves parking vehicles in an in-bay washing structure and then using automatic machines that maneuver as they clean the cars. 

• Automatic Car Washing Method

Automatic car washing involves using technology with automatic machinery that cleans the car rather than employing an attendant. 

• Manual Car Washing Method

Manual car washing methods involve car owners hand-washing their vehicles. If you prefer hand-washing your car, manual car washing methods will provide you with washing spaces equipped with washing tools, including vacuums, soaps and detergents, and hose pipes.

Car washing techniques and methods change as spending behavior, vehicle models, and technology evolve. 

1. Interior Car Cleaning

Traditional free vacuums ensured that vehicles’ interiors got proper washing. However, car owners still needed creative maneuvering and elbow greasing to ensure appropriate interior cleaning.

So today, car owners are ditching free vacuums for their car interior cleaning. Instead, car owners are paying for interior car washing services to maintain the appearance and integrity of their high-tech vehicles. 

  • Paid car interior washing services include:
  • Vacuuming all hard to reach interior spaces such as the trunk
  • Leather cleaning using the recommended leather cleaners
  • Gently cleaning hard to reach crevices using soft, detailed brushes
  • Use the proper cleaners to clean the dashboard, steering wheel, and control knobs.

Currently, car owners are shifting from manual labor washing methods to flex car washing, ensuring a full-service interior and an express exterior wash. 

2. Changing payment methods

Traditional payment methods, particularly cash payments, dominated car washing businesses in the past few decades. However, car wash business owners nowadays take advantage of online payment methods and credit card payments. 

3. Car Wash Management Methods

A point of sale (POS) system offers business owners intelligent management elements. For instance, with a POS system, you can monitor your customers’ spending behavior and appointment scheduling, determine effective marketing efforts, manage employees, and keep a database of your consumers. In addition, business owners can leverage the benefits of using customized car wash software systems integrated with the POS and other features such as marketing tools. Building these software systems on cloud-based platforms delivers additional benefits such as:

  • Cloud servers: Saving your data on cloud servers eliminates your worries about a local server’s data backup and hardware issues.
  • Integration: Controller integration enables you to remotely access reports, adjust prices, and get customer information.
  • Marketing tools: You can broadcast emails with marketing campaigns and promotional materials to your clients if you want to communicate with your clients using the software system.

Bottom Line

Looking into the future, it is likely that the car wash businesses will keep evolving just like automobiles. The convenience, speed, and efficiency of automatic car cleaning will develop even as vehicles become more delicate and sophisticated. 

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