How Can You Send Instagram DMs from Desktop in 2020

Many Instagram users often wish to reply to Instagram DMs from desktop, luckily, this wish has finally been answered. The feature has rolled out and users can use it globally. The experience is pretty much the same as on mobile. Read the article to know how you can conveniently send Instagram DMs from Desktop in 2020.

Here’s how you can send DMs from Desktop

Now Login into Instagram account, and head to the home feed and tap the DM button. Now, you can see your inbox and choose a Conversation you want to send a message to. The experience is awesome as you can do everything from one-on-one and group messages to sending photos and double click to like photos. You can even choose a person who you want to send the posts to. Presently, users are allowed to send the same message or pictures to up to 32 people at a time.

Moreover, the people you follow will have a message button on their profile – meaning you can also send DM by clicking on the ‘Message’ button.

Note: however the feature is accessible all over the globe, if you don’t find it then you may have to wait for it to roll out in your country.

Can you do Video Chat through DMs on the desktop?

Unfortunately, this feature has not been announced and you can’t video chat through DMs on the desktop. However, if you are not into video calling, then the unvailability of video calling is not a big issue?

What opportunities does this feature provide to businesses?

You can receive a flux of direct messages which is a sign your audience is engaged and interested in the content you post. The feature is indeed handy for Instagram promotions as it allows you to handle everything from the desktop. Regardless of some security threats, everything is beyond appreciation especially for marketers, businesses, and influencers who have gone tired of receiving tons of messages and then responding through the app. The foremost advantage is that you won’t need to check back your mobile app to send anyone a message; you can ditch the app and easily respond to all queries of customers through the desktop.

A quick response to prospects builds trust

Gone are the days when you have to wait for years to receive the response of your messages through letters. We live in a ‘Now’ world and if you want to retain the customers you must consider responding as quickly as possible. The ideal way is to send them a personalized message that is specifically dealing with the query. It will help in knowing customers that you give importance to their inquiry and it ultimately builds trust.

Wrapping up the article

Fortunately, Instagram DMs from Instagram is live. Instagram has finally allowed you to ditch the small screen and revert to the desktop. The feature is gaining high appreciation among users as their wish has finally been answered. The experience is the same as on the app, however, the video calling facility is not available yet.

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