How can you save your phone from the hack: Easy tips

It has become a trend for hackers to hack someone text messages. With the world stepping into the digital world, hackers have become common nowadays. If you are owning a smartphone then there’s a possibility that you can be the next target of the hacker.

There are several types of hacking methods that are used in the market. And there are several methods to get into your system. So, how can we stop this from happening? 

How to secure your phone from hackers?

If you want yourself to never fall victim to the hackers then there are several methods that you can follow to make sure that you are at a safe distance from the hackers.

Here are the tips and methods that can restrict you from becoming a victim.

1. Keep yourself up to date

The very first step that you need to take is safeguarding yourself from hackers to keep yourself updated with the software. It stands true for computers as well. Yes, I understand that updates can be a pain with all those time-consuming updates, and changes interphase. However, you must also take this into consideration that these new updates are done to pack up old loopholes that are misused by the hacker. Hence, if you are not updating the software, you are leaving yourself wide open.

2. Be careful  of your installation

Whenever you download and install any application, there are several access rights that the application grants from you. For instance, your contact info, access to the gallery, camera, storage, and much more. If you are not careful enough then all this information can be misused.

So think twice before you allow any access to the application. And if you are an android user, then this becomes very important. because the android play store is not as strict as its competitor Apple.  

3. Don’t be easy  prey for the  intruders

If three are people who want to take advantage of your personal information then it will be unwise to leave your phone unattended. There have been several cases where the intruders were relative to the victim and they have used this to take full advantage. Hence, be very careful about your surroundings. And always use pin codes to lock your smartphones. 

4. Plan ahead for your smartphone safety

It is important to plan ahead of things so that when the crisis hits you, you will be at ease so that all your data is safe. You can even put restrictions on your phone’s content to erase all your personal data when the highest number of false attempts are reached. This will make sure that even after they have your smartphones, they will not have your personal information. There are other technologies as well that can send you SOS  messages and the GPS  location of the lost phone.

5. Don’t leave online services unlocked

Auto-login is a privilege that you usually get in premium devices. With the help of the auto-login features, you do not have to type in your login credential every time. However, this privilege also becomes a liability. If an intruder can get hold of your browser, they can easily access every data on the browser. 

So it is advisable that you don’t rely on the auto-login feature,  instead try manual logging or have a master logging application that gives a special key for every login.

6. Be aware of open wifi

Open wifi is one of the most attractive methods used by hackers to hack into the system. With the open wifi, there can be multiple victims and the hackers will easily be able to see what you are doing online. They can even collect all your personal data with the open wifi system.

So if you find that any open network that raises your suspicion, then no need to connect with them. Or even if you are connecting to the open network, use a VPN to make sure hackers are unable to track your activity.

7. Don’t give away your information from notifications

While you are handling sensitive information, make sure that there is no one around you. Your notifications as well can act as a doorway to leak your personal data. For instance, if you are in a reputable company and you are asked to deal with sensitive clients, one milk notification can also make a huge deal. The notification can show all the details to the people around you. 

8. Lock applications

Having individual locks on the application can really help to provide individual protection to your applications and software. This kind of locking system helps you to add an extra layer when your lock screen security is breached. 

Final Tip

Remember this, if you think that your phone is prone to hacks and you have done very possible things to stop it then even after taking those security measures, you don’t feel secure, you can always switch off your mobile. 

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