How Can You Prepare for IELTS Easily at Home?

A good IELTS score is necessary for people who want to go abroad for a career or studies. But scoring well on IELTS is not accessible without proper preparation. Suppose you need to score good marks for your desired positions when taking CAT interview preparation or preparing for any other exams. Likewise, a good IELTS score will help you get a visa, admissions to abroad universities, etc.

Here we will share some tips for you regarding how you can prepare for IELTS easily at home. Let’s begin:

  1. Take self-assessment with practice question papers:

You need to understand the answers to the questions, and you should practice them. It would be best if you alternate these two and keep on practicing. Model question paper and answer sheets are available on the internet with experts’ observation and feedback. It will help you to evaluate your preparations. You will get many sample papers on IELTS official website that will be beneficial for authentic practice.

2. Record your speaking while practicing:

If you have some other to practice with you, then act as a student and examiner and practice speaking. Every time when you will talk, try to record that. After that, listen to the recordings and try to address your mistakes. It will provide you to rectify your mistakes and improve your speaking quality.

3. Practice papers uploaded for computer tests:

IELTS conducts separate tests on computers and papers. If you are not interested to appear on the computer, you can assess your preparation with these papers. It would help you know which kinds of questions may come for the test and which area needs more practice. It would also help you which would be the most appropriate medium for you to appear in the trial; paper or computer.

4. Refer your old English books:

If you have old English text and grammar books now, it is the right time to refer them. Read the English grammar book and practice the crucial exercises. Take comprehension tests to check your vocabulary skill. If you have practice books, complete them also. Read the textbooks to find new words and expand your knowledge.

5. Learn about IELTS process in detail:

For making good preparations, you should have an idea about the matter well. Learn in detail about the four areas in which IELTS will take place: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Try to increase your knowledge in that fields by repeated practice.

6. Stay connected with social media pages related to IELTS preparations:

Many online social pages can help you in making preparations. Stay active on these pages. You can post your questions, doubts and receive reviews through these pages. You might get some fellows and participate in live question-answer sessions. So, these social media pages can be beneficial if you are taking IELTS preparations at home.

7. Practice some general English:

Some relaxation time is also necessary while practicing for any crucial test. But that relaxation can also be beneficial if you plan accordingly. For example, you can make fun out of general English words that will be your relaxation and simultaneously will keep your level high.

8. The list of academic words:

Averil Coxhead, at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University, New Zealand, created a list of 570 words. These words usually reappear in every necessary test. So, you should check the list and prepare the terms to enrich your vocabulary.

9. Follow social media updates:

There are social media networks that are continuously uploading important information on IELTS. You should like and follow their page to get the updates. These updates are highly significant when you are preparing for IELTS at home.

10. Never think negative:

While preparing for any necessary test, never think negatively. Always have trust in yourself and stay confident. Your positive attitude will help you to win half of your battle.


So, here we have shared some tips that will help you take International English Language Testing System preparation easily at home. Always stay updated and keep improving your skills, then nobody can stop you from attaining your goals.