How Can You Help Me Design My Landscape Or Hardscape Project?

First, it’s important to discuss your goals for the landscape with your Landscaping Bucks County designer. They will ask you about your site’s natural features, water movement, and any problem areas. They will also take measurements. If you already have a scale drawing or base map, they will be able to use these to make the design much more efficient.


If you are planning a landscape or hardscape project, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for your project. It can help you brainstorm designs and ideas for the project, and it can also give you some great ideas for the client. House Landscape Architects and Contractors, for example, designed a wall trellis and climbing hydrangeas to beautify their clients’ backyards. Similarly, WA Design designed a fence for a Portland, Oregon house.

There are many different landscape design apps available on the market. Some are free, some are premium, and some have extensive libraries of plants and hardscape materials. Some even have specialty landscaping features. However, it is important to make sure you choose the right software based on your needs.

Deeter landscape

If you are a Landscaper Bucks County architect or interior designer, you may be interested in the free iPhone and iPad app Morpholio Trace. The program combines CAD tools with creative drawing tools. You can create accurate perspective and vanishing points with the program, or trace a photo to generate a 3D model. The app also lets you adjust line weights and scale your drawings.

Deeter landscape is an iPad app that is designed with architects in mind. It combines the speed of sketching with the intelligence of CAD software. It offers an assortment of drawing tools that let you add annotations and comments. You can also walk around your drawings using the app’s perspective guide. The program is available for free on the App Store, but an annual subscription costs PS4 to PS16.

This landscape design software has an easy-to-use interface that users love. It also features a large library of plants and pre-designed plans. Although the program is free, you may want to invest in additional in-app purchases if you need more sophisticated features.

Getting examples of designer’s work

Getting examples of designer’s work for a landscape or hardscape project is an excellent idea. You can check the designer’s portfolio and compare their work with similar projects in the area. However, if you’re hiring a designer who’s new to the industry, you may not be able to see a large portfolio right away. This is because it takes time for a new project to get established and have quality photos. . The software also features a 3D modeling feature, which you can use to see your landscaping plan before actually doing any work.


Experienced design and build companies have relationships with suppliers that can reduce project costs. These relationships also allow them to think more practically about materials used in the project. Individual designers tend to present their vision of the finished product, but don’t necessarily consider the practical aspects of installation.


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