How can you earn money online with SEO consulting?

SEO, better known as Search Engine Optimization, plays a key role in any online or digital marketing campaign.

Virtual consultants such as SEO consultants can offer significant expert advice to small and big businesses and website owners and they are happy to pay for such services, if they get an ROI (return of investment).

It is obvious that only business websites that rank on the first or second page of search engines really attract visitors and potential customers. Therefore, many companies aim to increase their profits through their websites or e-commerce sites, because online shopping is becoming the top choice for many shoppers these days.

What does an SEO consultant do?

The main task of an SEO consultant is to make the business websites “search engine friendly” through techniques like on-page and off-page SEO, link building, blogger outreach, guest posting and much more. The aim is to get more content discovered organically via search engines to generate more business leads and create lasting results through informative and engaging content, leading to improvements in customer conversions.

SEO consulting can be helpful in supporting the client’s marketing goals and objectives, business, brand awareness goals, etc. This can be achieved through discovering relevant and easy to rank for keywords and developing a keyword targeting strategy for websites and blogs as well as other marketing campaigns on social media or paid ads.

The end goal of SEO consulting is to help a business or website owner with attaining higher ranking visibilities on all search engines.

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How can you earn an income online from SEO consulting?

In employment an SEO specialist or consultant can earn around £37,000* a year, but you could make significantly more as a top independent SEO consultant. Plus, you can lead the digital lifestyle and earn online while traveling the world or working from home. You can work on a project basis and work with short-term clients or you can be employed by a company.  It really depends on your preferences of flexibility and job security.

Having seen a rise in the number of businesses searching for SEO services, now is a fantastic time to increasing your earnings with SEO services. These services can include social media marketing, website design and optimization, blogging or copywriting, and so on. You can check how to make money online in Germany and worldwide by offering SEO-friendly web content writing services via Manuela Willbold’s blog.

Possible SEO consultation charges

An SEO consultant can provide various ways of charging their clients. Clients can be charged an hourly rate. This would be more suitable for shorter SEO projects. For bigger and longer SEO projects charges can be paid monthly as a retainer. The SEO consultant would in any case sign a contract with the client where all charges, tasks and goals are clearly identified.

You can have a look at some online job platforms to get an idea of how some SEO consultants offer their services. Or you can read the comprehensive guide “How To Make Money Online In 2020: The Walletproof Guide To Earning A Living On The Internet” written by ClickDo Ltd. experts where it is all revealed.

Possible SEO consultation pricing

Monthly Retainer

This model helps you in building a long-term relationship with your clients and it enables you to earn a solid and reliable income over an agreed period. Income can range between 15k to 50k per month, depending on your experience and the services you provide.

One-Off or Short-Term Project

Clients may just need an SEO consultant to deal with a specific task such as on-page and off-page SEO for a website and they will only consider an hourly rate for that or a one-off payment. Depending on the services requested and the length of the project, one could charge anything starting from ÂŁ12 to ÂŁ65 per hour. This could be added up to make a one-off payment upon project completion.

SEO consultants earn through content marketing

Today people tune into different forms of advertisements like banners and ads on social media, YouTube commercials, promotional emails, and so on.

That’s why now more than ever content plays a key role is a large part of future marketing, particularly online. Efficient internet marketing relies on SEO because keyword analysis and data analysis are key to online marketing campaigns and their success.

Now the SEO consultant has to work on creating engaging content and share it on the web to get the social signals through the attention of relevant audiences. These boost rankings of websites. The end goal is to turn readers and viewers into prospects, finally converting them into buyers through various online platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads.

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SEO consultants earn through Blogging

Blogging is the ultimate gateway to earning money online and as an SEO consultant you should consider blogging as one of the most important income generators.

You should build several amazing blogs for your clients or yourself, where you regularly write and post content on trending topics, using related and easy to rank keywords. Once some articles rank well, you can build a robust following and have your blogs read or shared as much as possible to increase conversions.

Answering your customer’s questions on your blog will establish you as an expert and build trust.

This increases organic traffic and conversions on the targeted websites. And with your own blogs you can write guest posts or publish some, interlinking websites you want to rank. General news sites and blogs like the informative UK News Blog are good examples of how you can guest post or write articles or press releases about your client’s or your business.

At SeekaHost University we regularly write about and teach the techniques and strategies to go about this and you should read the latest Student Guide to Earning Money Online for other ideas and ways, including virtual consulting.

Concluding words

SEO consulting can be a good choice to earn money online as the recommendations and examples in this article show. This is especially worthwhile for people with an interest in data analysis, content writing and marketing and blogging.  

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