How can you consume the penis envy cubensis as tea?

Penis Envy Cubensis

As we all know that Penis Envy Cubensis is a unique type of mushroom, which is full of power or potent, and many individuals are in search of an effective way of consuming this mushroom. So, the experts have invented an exciting and fascinating way of consuming the magic mushrooms, and that way is a cup of tea. Yes, you can consume the Penis Envy Cubensis as tea, and surely you will love this way of consuming this magic mushroom.

 Moreover, to make it as tea, you need to chop or crush the magic mushrooms into small pieces; after that, you need to place them in a teapot. On the other hand, you should place water on boiling, once your water is boiled, now you need to pour it on the magic mushrooms. After that, you need to wait for approx 10-20 minutes; after 20 minutes, now it is the time to serve it.

You are ready with your tea of magic mushrooms. So in this way you can enjoy the magic mushroom as tea. Apart from the tea, you can consume the magic mushroom in many other ways, and those ways are listed below with relevant examples.

What are the ways of consuming Penis Envy Cubensis?

  • You can consume it as a Lemon Tek

It is a fact that some herbs can enhance your psychedelic trip, and it cannot be denied that lemon is one of them. That is why the experts have invented this way of consuming the magic mushroom. All you need to mix the Penis Envy Cubensis into the lemon juice to enhance its power. The recipe of consuming Penis envy cubensis as a lemon juice is, You need to cut out the penis envy cubensis into short pieces.

 On the other hand, you need to prepare lemon juice; once your lemon juice has been prepared, now you need to put the magic mushrooms into lemon juice and wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you need to drink it in a go and to have maximum effects of it. This is how you can consume the Penis Envy Cubensis as lemon juice.

  • You can consume it as capsules 

You will be happy to know that you can also consume the Penis Envy Cubensis in a capsule form. There is a hidden advantage of consuming the magic mushroom in a capsule form, and that hidden advantage is you will consume the microdose of the magic mushroom.

As it is a fact that the high dose of magic mushroom can harm your health, that is why for sensitive or weak human beings, the capsule form is an ideal form to consume the Penis Envy Cubensis. So, if you are the one who needs to consume a microdose of magic mushroom, then you should opt for capsule form.

The final verdict 

To sum up, it cannot be denied that Penis Envy Cubensis are best above all types of mushrooms, and along with that, the above-mentioned ways of consuming this magic mushroom are more interesting.

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