How Can You Choose the Best Illustration Style For A Children’s Book?

Who’s the in-charge of designing a children’s book? Want to make sure that you have it right up to the mark? Well, then you need to make sure that you have just the right illustrations for the book. When it comes to children’s books, illustrations are the key, but there is another very important aspect that you cannot afford to miss out on – the illustration style. You must find just the right style for your book. However, there is a small difficulty – there are hundreds of illustration styles to pick. So, how will you select the one which will be ideal for your book? 

Here are some tips that will help you to zero down on just the right style for your children book illustrations

  • Content is the Hero: For which age group is the content intended? When it comes to children, the target group age is the prime aspect. For example, when you are opting for an illustration style which is meant for children say 2-4 years old, having a reduced attention span, you will need brighter colors and bigger pictures to keep them captivated. However, when it comes to saying children of about 7-9 years of age, their attention span is higher, and hence, you can opt for some subtle colors and an illustration style with more details. 
  • For what kind of a book you are aiming? There are books which have a classic look and feel to them which can be for any age. These illustrations go with every time, whereas there are a few books which have a style which is reflective of the various illustration styles of their times. So, first, you need to be sure yourself which kind of book you are aiming for and based on that you will have to choose an illustration style. 
  • Coming to one of the most crucial pointers: what is the theme of your book? Is the content something serious or something more light to read? Is it just for fun, or is there a message contained in the book? However, depending on the mood content of the book, you will have to select the style of illustration that will be the most suitable for it. 
  • Adequate Research: By appropriate research, you need to go through books of similar nature and see what kind of illustrations have been used. There is no need to recreate the same, but they will help you form an idea as to what type of illustration works best for which type of book. 
  • Hence, last but not the least when it comes to Children’s illustration agency styles let your creative juices flow: Be as creative as possible. Remember that even sky is not the limit and you can experiment as much as you want. Just make sure that the client is willing to open to experiments. 

Picking the right illustration style might be a challenge when it comes to children’s books, but it’s always a pleasant challenge for any illustrator!