How can you benefit from a Solar Panel?

We all know that the sun is the ultimate source of energy, and to harness this energy, it is important to get asolar panel installed in your house.

Solar panels are devices that absorb the sun’s light and convert it into electricity or heat.

To simplify it further, solar panels transform the sunlight into electrical energy; as more sunlight reaches the panel, more solar energy is generated.Solar is regarded as one of the greenest ways of generating electricity because it is affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly and helps you keep track of your energy needs.Considering the fact that solar energy is the future, Luminous offers an array of both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline PV modules,considered to be the best in conversion efficiency,with anti-reflective coating for more light absorption. Their range varies from 100-watt solar panels to 350 watts solar panel.

Importance of Solar Panels

As the population is increasing, the needs and the demands of the people are also rising, which impacts the reserves of renewable energy resources.To safeguard our renewable energy, it is important that everyone has easy access to alternative solutions like solar panels.Apart from understanding the importance of solar panels, it is important to know about the benefits you can get by utilizing the solar panels in your house.

We have listed some of these benefits for an easy understanding:

  1. Impact on the environment

As already stated before, solar panels are one of the greenest ways of generating electricity.

Not only does a 100-watt solar panel derive green, clean, and healthy energy from the sun, but it also helps in fighting against greenhouse gas emissions. Conventionally electricity is sourced from fossil fuels and natural gas.

To produce electricity, fossil fuels are burned, and they emit harmful gases in the atmosphere. Burning of fossil fuels is seen as a primary factor responsible for an increase in air pollution levels and global climate change, and due to this factor, the price is constantly rising.

But if we replace fossil fuels with solar power, it can reduce premature mortality and overall health care costs.

  1. Reduction in Your Energy Bill

This is one of the top benefits of solar panels. When you install solar panels in your house, you generate your own electricity, and you become less dependent on your electric utility. Hence, it results in the reduction of your monthly energy bills.

With an average life cycle of 25 years, you can cut down on your electricity expenses for years to come by going solar.

  1. Requires Low Maintenance

Solar panels that are connected to grid-based PV systems require very low maintenance.With occasional cleaning and a regular health check by a licensed electrical professional, your solar panels can last up to 25 years.

  1. Less Loss of Electricity During Long Distance Transportation

On average, around 3-5% of energy is lost during transportation and distribution.The longer the distance between the production and supply joints, more the loss of electricity.The losses might seem to be smaller, but can make a significant difference to the installation in the regions with high population density. Solar panels installed on the roof can help in reducing the distance, therefore, increasing the efficiency of the solar panels.


  1. Energy Is Produced During Peak Hours

The demand for energy tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and then in the evening. This is the time when there is a peak in electricity prices. Solar energy reaches its maximum production levels during those hours. The value of electricity is higher at this time than when generated at night. With solar energy producing additional inputs of electricity, prices in that time frame could be brought down to a level close to night hours.

Solar energy has completely transformed the power industry and the way electricity is delivered to the grid. With solar energy taking the overall lead in green sources, one of its greatest advantages is, its easy accessibility to households.

Solar Panels not only provide economic and environmental benefits, but also promote sustainable living.