How Can We Edit Photos for Free and What are the Tools Used for?

If you are looking for some photo editing tools then studying this article should be the best option because in this article some of the Free photo editing tools are going to be discussed with their marvelous features and functionalities.

Free photo editing is a way of enhancing your current photos with the aid of online tools that are online.

So, without wasting time let me go through the tools one by one in detailed.

  1. azlanblogger

Free photo editor is an online web-based tool that has amazing photo enhancing capabilities.  

Photoshop and Free photo editor function the same way, the only difference is that the tool can only be used when you are on internet whereas photoshop is used when it is installed on your machine.

No need of any personal account:

This tool does not need any personal account to be used as a lot other software do, this is quite productive because it can be accessed as many times as you want without worrying about log in or log out etc.

How to get into the tool?

In order to use this online tool, it is obvious that it should be accessed through internet using a browser.

This could be accessed by just search on google Free Photoshop or directly open as soon as you type this on your using browser you will be there on the site.

Advantages of the tool over Photoshop

Every online based application has some benefits over an offline one, the same way Free photo editor has the following advantages over the photoshop.

  • It is online so it does not require installation
  • It is being updated by the team behind it
  • This can be accessed from everywhere at the same time
  • Users can give suggestions to the developers by commenting.

These are some of the reasons why it is being preferred by the beginners as well as expert workers.

  1. InPixio

InPixio is another photo editor which also performs the same function as other photo editing software do, but this could be more helpful for those who do not have much knowledge about the field.

This is not actually a single software but the combination of many others which individually can perform such kind of functionalities.

Features offered by this tool:

  • It has rich collection of filters.
  • Textures
  • Blur effects
  • Effective frames

Except of these features this tool provides amazing capabilities of sharing.

Platform independent:

This could be used on window as well as on IOS.

  1. GIMP

GIMP is also an online free photo editor, that appears among the others as a shining star and offers such dream-matching facilities for the users.

It can be brought into use by both professional as well as non-professional as it offers features on both beginner and on advance level.

Features provide by GIMP:

  • Photo enhancing
  • Digital retouching
  • Hardware supportable
  • Graphic designing features.

Its features are updated on specific interval of time, but the current features are available all the time even if there is updating process behind.

It is free?

Its current version is completely free, it may have a paid version in future but in current scenario it does not have a paid version.


This tool is only available as desktop; Linux, OS x, window.

  1. Canva

The tool Canva is a familiar software to almost most of the tech savvy and the ones who are concerned with photo editing process.

Canva is an online photo editor or in other words graphic designer which can make your work easier by providing handy features and products.

Canva is not only available for desktop users, instead it can be downloaded on mobile phone which others tools does not facilitate. It has noticeable number of templates, photos, icons and cards that makes your works done in an eye blink.

Some features of Canva:

Can has the following set of features.

  • Contains image transparency tool
  • Image straightening
  • Image cropping
  • Built-in frames
  • Add textures
  • Enhancing photos
  • Stickers etc.

These features can be used in order to quickly go through your work.

Is Canva free?

Canva is available as free as well as paid version, those with dealing with its free version can also accomplish their tasks but with less available templates while those with paid version has the complete access to all of its features and functionalities.


People who are in touch with photos editing process might have checked out some editing software, but there are a few who have not yet come across the tools which are completely free.

This article’s basic aim was to let those people know that there are actually some items that can be used free of cost and even without installing. So, we have just enlightened 4 of such tools that choosing any of them may be a best option for such purposes. 

I myself feel no hesitation about the of it. So don’t be miss-lead and try any of the tools and have new experience.

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