How Can Startups Grow and Benefit from Press Releases?

Press releases may seem like an obsolete marketing tool but they are rather useful. Creating a marketing mix for startups is a challenging task. When it comes to startups or small businesses, publishing press releases through press release distribution companies can play a vital role in making the business grow and spread awareness. With proper incorporation of the press release in the marketing plan, press releases can do wonders for the marketing of a small business. The purpose of this article is to explore how a startup can grow with press releases and reap different benefits out of it.

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Increase Brand Awareness

These days it’s all about creating a brand out of your business. By announcing a business setup through a press release, the news becomes public information accessible for anyone. Anyone who is interested in your business and makes a search related to it will most likely end up reading the published press release. The content of the press release includes detailed information about services or products.

Once reading a well-written and properly structured press release, a positive impact is created on the reader’s mind. This indirectly influences them to decide on purchasing your services or products in the longer run. Even though the customer may not convert immediately but with time and by seeing constant ads related to the organization, the decision to choose services or products will become easy. This is why it is of utmost importance to lay proper groundworks i.e. publish a press release, before implementing the marketing plan.

Reach Target Audience

Press releases are distributed to journalists to spread the news. Identifying relevant journalists and sharing the news with the most crucial. You must be wondering why that is. It is because the journalist you pick to distribute your press releases will ultimately share the news with their audience. If the journalist is irrelevant to your field, this means that the audience receiving the news will be irrelevant as well. To understand this better, consider the following example:

You are a business offering an online service of delivering women accessories such as handbags, jewelry, and other similar products. You write a press release, publish it, and distribute it amongst all the journalists which deal with criminal news. Since you are friends with some of those journalists, they do agree on sharing and publishing your press release with the relevant audience. But this will have no benefit for the organization in the longer run. Their audience is least likely to be interested in accessories of any kind.

By keeping this example in mind, reaching the target audience through targeting the right journalists becomes of utmost importance. With proper placement of press releases and selecting the most relevant journalists, the chances of reaching the right audience become much easier.  

Capture Investor Attention

Believe it or not, investors are still old-school people. Sure there are many platforms through which investors find businesses to make investments, but press releases are the most authentic way to capture the attention of an investor. Investors heavily rely on the content of a press release as it contains bona fide and honest information related to an organization. With an appropriate distribution of press releases, investors are converted to sponsors. Visibility for the investors and potential sponsors is boosted in the local market.

Improve ROI

Most organizations invest little to no money when distributing their press releases. Most marketing departments prefer to distribute their press releases by themselves. Despite how tempting this may sound, it is rarely effective. (Unless you have a very strong contact list from the world of journalism.) It is best to hire distribution services for this purpose. Want to read Comprehensive Guide to Write a Press Release click here.

As shocking as it may sound, there are quite a few benefits linked with utilizing those services. For starters, they have all the right contacts. This means that they share press releases with relevant media personalities. Apart from targeting the relevant journalists, such platforms publish these press releases on hundreds of different platforms which increases visibility even more. The chances of a journalist going through the content increases. Through correct placement on platforms and targeting the right media personalities, the reach of press releases can enhance dramatically.

A well-written and well-distributed press release can do wonders for the growth of a startup. This guarantees a return on investment. Setting aside a budget for press release distribution beforehand is helpful. It should not be overlooked and considered irrelevant.

Gain Competitive Advantage

The services or products you offer to the world are unique. There must be some features that are not offered by competitors. Keeping this in view, it is important to write a press release that will gain a competitive advantage in the market. Thousands of press releases are published in a single day yet, each one is unique. Through writing and distributing a perfect press release, any organization can gain a competitive advantage within no time. Describing the features and services in a story like a manner ensures the grasping of stakeholders’ attention. And this attention is responsible for the competitive edge that an organization can gain in the market.


Despite all the controversy, startups can grow rapidly and prove to be very beneficial with the help of press releases. Success is directly proportional to the content produced. Quality content can uplift the marketing mix rapidly. Press releases are one of the most refined forms of content, thus making them the best tool for marketing. Even though their distribution may increase the marketing budget but the generated revenue over time compensates for it all. 

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