How can realtors attract potential buyers using a QR code?


Leveraging the power and potential of technology to your benefit is the most efficient method to improve your market share in the industry. Speed is everything, and connecting people in a frictionless way from the real world to digital destinations is a key to success for realtors. QR code technology is a service that can simplify any business process for the end user, thereby increasing ease of use and driving up sales figures.

Anyone can create a QR code. With multiple solutions available, it’s difficult to find the best option for your business. However, an industry favourite QR code generator for real-estate agents is Flowcode. Due to its versatility and custom realtor packages, Flowcode is the best choice for agents that want better technology to connect with buyers and sellers. Let’s breakdown why:   

Ways in which QR codes can be used to attract potential buyers

Experiencing virtual property tours

When selling properties, it is crucial to earning the trust of the buyer. Visual experiences are perceived as the most reliable experiences, so creating a platform for the buyer to virtually experience the property has a competitive advantage. Providing this service is as simple as attaching a QR code to all your marketing material which will redirect the customer to the virtual tour page. The virtual tour will grab the attention of serious buyers immediately while also pushing dormant buyers to take interest in the proposition.

Providing additional information

There is a lot of information that can not fit into the limited space of physical marketing material like posters or pamphlets. This is where a QR code added to the poster can help an interested buyer get all the details they need. 

QR codes also solve another problem which can be explained through the following example: Assume an interested customer is going through the details provided about the property and needs additional information. They might call on the attached number, where there is a possibility that the property representative does not attend the call. In this situation, the interested customer might reject the proposition and move on, but if a QR code with all the additional information was already attached for the buyer to conveniently access, then the buyer can confirm the purchase decision faster and directly come to visit the property physically.

Share the exact location easily

If a property is located in a town with confusing lanes, it makes it difficult for the buyer to find the property and might deter them from wanting to physically visit it.

Attaching a Google Maps QR code for the exact location of the property can greatly increase convenience for interested buyers which will result in an increase in the frequency of property visits.

Boosting app downloads

Most real estate agencies have their own apps because applications can be more engaging than websites and have a better user interface with faster load speeds when browsing properties. Applications that are integrated with QR code generators like Flowcode also possess the feature “QR code for open house sign in.” This feature reduces the buyer’s sign-in period by streamlining the process and automating it by simply scanning the QR code.

Showcasing the entire property catalogue

During the property purchase decision, buyers prefer going through multiple options before narrowing down to a few. A QR code can be an easy way to promote the entire catalogue to the buyer where they can view and enquire about all the properties in one place. When the buyers have many options in a catalogue, they are unlikely to find properties elsewhere if they find something they like easily in the pool of properties provided in the QR code link.

Generating more leads

Most buyers are in the search of desirable properties on the go instead of looking through advertisements in newspapers or brochures. Adding a QR code on your real estate sign and other display advertisements can make it easy for the buyer to contact you and discuss property details. QR codes would help in utilizing this opportunity and spreading the word about your properties. They can be embedded into banners, magazines, flyers and even clothing. This kind of promotion will boost lead generation and drive sales figures upward.

Implementing virtual documentation

There are multiple documents that need to be provided to customers but most of them don’t need to be immediately visible. Such documentation like terms and conditions, legal documents, agency policies, etc. are large and will take up too much space in your marketing material. One small QR code can collect all these documents in an easy-to-access embedded link where the customer can view them if needed.

Ready to get started?

In conclusion, it is evident that QR codes have a big competitive advantage that allows realtors to utilize the power of new technology. QR codes solve a lot of business, communication, and accessibility problems that real estate agencies might face. QR codes are also a cost-effective tool to improve promotion and marketing activities. They also provide numerous conveniences to the buyer and the greater the convenience, the greater the probability of confirming purchase decisions, which boosts the number of properties visited and sold.