How Can Pdfsmart Help Your Business Create Better Documents?


In a business, documents are an important part of the image that you send to your customers, suppliers and the general public. Therefore, we must emphasize on the attention to details that is required in their creation, which means that many people should be involved. For multiple persons to access and edit a file, you need the right tool. Thanks to PDFSmart, everyone can collaborate online, without wasting time.

Edit Documents from a Cloud Account Using PDFSmart

This software has many advantages, and ease of use is one of them. With PDFSmart, users can effortlessly edit any PDF document online, just by visiting the website. Since PDF documents are often stored on Cloud storage services such as Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox, PDFSmart provides a direct access to these services to make it easier to upload the files. This makes it easy to retrieve the document, make any necessary changes on it, and save it back to the Cloud under a new file name. Other company employees can then use the same document for whatever reason they may have. They can also reopen the file on PDFSmart to make further changes if needed.

How do I make changes to a PDF file using PDFSmart?

Several options are available to users of PDFSmart, online. First, this tool is used to edit the information contained within the document. By scrolling down the “modify” option on the menu bar at the top of the site, you find different options that you can use to modify the downloaded file. By choosing “Edit a PDF,” you can add text, insert an image, hide elements or even draw on the file.

Other functions allow you to modify the document even more in depth. For example, it is possible to merge PDFs together. This is a function that many companies use, in order to create more complete documents on a specific subject. For example, if you want to create a presentation of a product, it will be possible to attach a file from the marketing department to another created by the purchasing department. Thus, the final document will benefit from a technical data sheet and an advantageous product description, at the same time.

In other cases, PDFSmart will be used to extract parts of a PDF, in order to create new, shorter ones. The objective then becomes to offer extremely precise documentation to the readers. This will help them find the information they need immediately, instead of having to read many pages. Once the parts of interest have been extracted, the document can then be saved under another name.

PDFSmart is a tool that saves businesses time and money when it comes to creating PDF files. Reworking existing documents also helps to ensure continuity of the message, which is essential for any company. In addition, it offers the possibility of protecting the documents by adding a password which blocks access to those who do not have it and by encrypting the document to render the process even safer.