How Can Offshore Wind Benefit From Exchangeable Skills Within Oil And Gas?

The global shift towards clean energy sources in the renewable sector is exciting. However, oil prices have affected employment security and chances for workers in the oil and gas industry. Many engineers are looking to transfer into the renewable energy sector. Most people working in the renewable industry have jobs related to wind energy. Renewable energy tends to continue to offer opportunities for skilled candidates for the greater good.

Opportunities in offshore wind for oil and gas professionals?

Many oil and gas professionals have had to transition to the offshore wind industry in the past few years. This reason is there is a significant relation of the skills in both sectors. A survey conducted by campaigners platform and Greenpeace UK found that 81% of workers surveyed consider transitioning to the renewable energy industry.

And 53% showed interest in joining the offshore wind sector. The greatest challenge the industry will encounter will be sourcing the right experts to put up the required structures. It will put a strain on the talents locally and internationally. This is if clients need candidates only experienced in wind projects.

Top transferable skills in Oil and gas to Offshore Wind

Most offshore technology is the same as oil and gas is shared in the offshore wind sector. The technology required in engineering, management skills, and construction is the same. Candidates with civil engineering background in oil and gas are needed in this sector. They will be able to fit in the renewable sector and get offshore energy jobs.

Healthy and Safety skills

In most cases, each sector tends to have slightly different standards. However, health and safety skills are highly transferable between these two sectors. Additionally, you may require a bit of training when changing industries.

Electrical engineering and the high voltage profession

You can find High voltage in both the oil and gas sector and the renewable industry. It doesn’t matter what your job is; the safety methods in high voltage areas are alike. Skill and knowledge in this make your transition easy and smooth. Therefore, you get a new adventure, same job but different sector.

Instrumentation skills

Most of the advanced and mechanical instruments in the energy sector are used in oil and gas too. Therefore, for you to operate and manage these instruments, your background in oil and gas will come in handy. If you pay attention and work well under pressure, the renewable sector is for you.

Floating and civil engineering professions

Offshore gravity concrete structures used for drilling, extraction, and storage are prevalent in the oil and gas sector. Therefore, these structures need expertise in construction, engineering, and project administration. Wind Farms use the same structures to be an asset to renewable companies; you need a civil engineering or floating ability.

Profession shortages in the renewable sector and people seeking work will have many benefits for professionals and companies. For instance, if you have experience in oil and gas, there is a chance you can get work in the offshore wind sector. And you can get training if you come from a field related to the renewable sector.