How Can Magento Development Services Help Build A User-Friendly Store?

Being in the eCommerce world brings a lot of thrill. Ranging from an ever-increasing customer base to widening interest in eCommerce, it’s evident that the world of eCommerce is booming.

  • According to CMinds, Magento 1 is being used by over 167,000 eCommerce stores.
  • Magento is handling 9% of the eCommerce market, according to WebTribunal.

Sales and profitability have always been the main focus of all businesses. The same case is with the eCommerce store owners. All the Magento stores are operating with the goal of increasing store sales.

However, creating a store is not enough because a user-friendly website/store is important to grab the attention of your target customers and transform them into sales.

This is the reason we are sharing how Magento development services can help you build and optimize a perfect user-friendly store.

Let’s discuss each point below:

1. They Help Streamline The Customer’s Journey

In order to increase user-friendliness, it’s important to understand the actions your potential customers tend to perform – you have to determine the customer’s journey.

It is also known as a sales funnel, which includes awareness, consideration, and decision. Awareness states that your customer knows that they need a product or service, while consideration states that the customer will research the competing options.

The last part is the decision, with which the customers make a purchasing decision. This entire process can be pretty challenging, but the Magento ecommerce development services can be very useful for you in this regard. They will ensure that your store is easy to navigate and has a quick loading time to make sure the customers can reach the checkout page before they change their minds.

2. They Help With The Content

High-quality content is the best way to attract new customers and increase sales. For instance, the product or service description should be appealing and SEO-optimized to make sure it attracts customers.

Having said that, the development services can create the tools and plugins that can be useful for the content and help improve the SEO of the website. They help research long-tail keywords as they perform better – the tools like Google Trends and MOZ promise relevant keywords. Also, they ensure that the content aligns with the pixel requirements of the smartphone screen.

3. They Help Create A Personalized Experience

Personalization is extremely important and should be considered while curating the marketing campaign. The best thing is that Magento development services provide customized internal functionality, which allows eCommerce store owners to create marketing campaigns that align with the customers’ buying journey. Also, the personalized experience means that your store will recommend products or services that will attract the specific customer.

4. They Help With Abandoned Cart Emails

According to research, around 10% of customers will make a purchase when they receive abandoned cart emails. These emails are extremely effective at increasing sales, especially if you have high traffic on the eCommerce store but it’s not converting. However, implementing these emails is challenging, but the development services use Mageware’s abandoned cart email extension, which helps automate the process. 

5. They Help Bundle TheProducts

Bundles are the best way of making more sales because everyone wants to get more products/services for less money. Bundling can help sell more products, and you will be able to get details on what your customers like. For instance, when you sell a t-shirt, we recommend increasing the price of the t-shirt and adding a vest to the bundle – you will see that more bundles will be sold.

Having said that, Magento web development services can handle the changes in the prices, and they ensure that products in the bundles are relevant to each other. In addition, the customers should feel that they are saving more by purchasing a bundle. Ideally, you should mention the original price and cut it to mention the discounted price of the bundle.

6. They Provide Managed Hosting

The majority of Magento development services can deliver managed hosting services. Opting for managed hosting will help eCommerce stores control the environment. They allow users to manage their backend hosting. They also provide multiple app installation and removal options.

This can also help increase the loading speed of the page and launch customized extensions and tools for improved store functionality.

Further, they can also help in optimizing the hosting.

According to research, a delay of one second in the loading time can reduce sales by 7%. This means that faster loading will promise more sales.

Normally, businesses prefer hiring the best Magento web development services for designing the store only, but they should know that they can also help with the hosting. Optimized hosting can also help increase sales.

In most cases, eCommerce stores don’t load quickly because they are overloaded or aren’t optimized because of ineffective hosting. To begin with, they use Google tools to determine the speed of the website. They help improve the time of interactivity and loading time. If the loading and interactivity times are slow, you have to get a new hosting.

7. They Help Integrate Social Media

Another way of increasing user-friendliness is to integrate social media channels. For instance, it will help you focus on social ads and social media posts and interact with potential customers on social media pages to increase awareness. In addition, the development services can help reposition the products, and if the social media marketing strategy isn’t working, you can retarget the customers too.

The best thing about integrating social media is that you can schedule the posts and automate the publishing. As far as social media ads are concerned, you should run tests to determine what type of content is getting more engagement and reach. Also, it will ensure that your customers can quickly make user profiles by connecting to their social media profiles, promising ease!

8. They Help Improve The UX

If you have hired Magento development services, you can create a custom design for your target audience. For this purpose, you have to focus on the design aspects, such as concise product presentation, access to contact information, branding, and navigational simplicity.

9. They Offer Specialized Mobile Optimization

On top of everything, Magento website development can help you out with the optimization of the eCommerce store for smartphones. They will ensure quick page loading and optimize the product pictures for mobile screens. Even more, mobile optimization includes streamlining/automating the checkout process. This is important because mobile-friendliness is essential for user experience because modern consumers are focused on mobile shopping.

The Bottom Line

The 9 ways from this article will help you increase your eCommerce store’s user-friendliness through Magento development services. However, you might have to experiment with a few of them to decide on a way that works for your business. In addition, don’t forget to research the competitive stores to see what they are doing to increase sales by creating user-friendly experiences and improvising them!