How can Kids benefit from Extracurricular Activities?

Kids are like raw clay, you can help them take the best shape possible. 

Science says that children are in their best learning phase, especially in the age group 2-7 years. Introducing them to extracurricular activities at this age helps them build lifelong skills and habits. Keep reading to explore how extracurricular activities help kids in multiple ways. 

Develops skills 

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”- Robert Greene

It is suggested that kids must be introduced to a range of extracurricular activities. The reason is, they get a chance to identify their interests at a young age. Moreover, they develop skills in a range of fields. Children naturally love singing and dancing. Besides these two activities, you can encourage your child to learn martial arts, language learning, writing, maths, and puzzles. 

Enhances Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Creativity is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain. When a child is indulging in extracurricular activities, the right side gets stimulated. Whether into music or arts, sports or dance, the kid’s mind is constantly and subconsciously developing creativity. This creates cognitive function over time. Besides brain development, creativity enhances mood, boosts self-esteem and relieves stress. A kid who is creative turns out to be a problem solver in the later stages of life. Activities like dancing, singing, Yoga, and many more not only enhance creativity, but can also help children to remain mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. There are popular platforms that offer online dance classes, singing, and playing instruments classes all at the convenience of homes. The best part is these classes are not pre-recorded, instead, they are 1-on-1, taken up by the best teachers worldwide!

Improves Concentration

“Concentration is the essence of knowledge, nothing can be done without it.”

Any kind of learning requires focus. Whether your kid is learning vocal music or instrumental music, he/she would require to focus on the notes, the rhythm, the melodies and every minute detail related to the activity. If your kid is into painting, he/she would require to focus on the theme, colours, contrasts and every minute detail related to the art. If your kid is into sports, he/she would require to focus on the protocols of the sport, winning strategies, health and diet. No matter what activity, your kid is engrossed in, they are improving their concentrating power. They also tend to get less distracted, because they are usually engrossed in activities they like. The benefits of improved concentration also reflect in their academics.

Healthy Competition

When kids participate in extracurricular activities, they pick up new skills or upgrade the existing ones. This makes them eligible for a range of competitions across several fields. They get an opportunity to excel in their chosen activities, they get a chance to face an audience and they also understand that it is not only about winning but trying to be the best version of oneself. Extracurricular activities help kids understand the essence of healthy competition. Learning a new language can be one way of equipping oneself with a competitive skill. Today, online language lessons are helping learners to make their portfolios more attractive. If children are introduced to a new language at a young age, they can master it more effectively and early. 

Enhances Social Skills

Children have an innate ability to observe and learn from their surroundings. Enrolling students in extracurricular activities whether offline or online, expose them to a group of new people. From teachers to students, kids learn how to work in a team to achieve a common goal. Developed in childhood, this skill proves very helpful in the future, when the adult enters the workforce. Working in a team also develops leadership skills, communication skills and adaptability. Moreover, they get a like-minded company and an opportunity to make new friends. The importance of physical classes cannot be undermined, but technology has made online classes more effective and interactive. For example, if you want to pick up vocal skills, singing lessons will not only give you an opportunity to learn from teachers, but also the social circles on platforms like ipassio will help you connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

Inculcates Time Management Skills

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.”- Michael Altschuler

Extracurricular activities are the best way to optimize study intervals. They are fun, both physically and mentally. And once kids discover their favourite activities, they try their best to fit them into their routine. They understand the value of time and discipline. They also learn to plan and execute tasks on time. Since they are busy with studies and extracurricular activities, they need more time to fall into bad habits and bad company. 

Reduces Screen Time

Today technology has made the learning process interesting and fun. Every kid is exposed to a certain amount of screen time, and it is the need. But it is important that parents monitor and limit screen time so that kids can make the best use of technology. In times like now, when students are home arrested amidst lockdown, online extracurricular courses are the best way to keep them engaged. 

Let Kids be Kids

Besides all the above benefits, extracurricular activities also improve sleep patterns in kids. Kids become more active, more ambitious, more productive, happier and have a more positive attitude towards life. Extracurricular activities lay the foundation of a brighter adulthood when adults have to chalk out a work-life balance. 

There is an ocean of activities you can introduce your children to is one such platform that offers a range of courses taught by world-class teachers. If you are experiencing time zone and geographical location barriers, you can always resort to online one-on-one classes, and let your children experience an exciting learning journey.