How Can Installing an ID Scanner in a Bar Help the Business Succeed?

Bars are an important part of the modern social landscape and will continue to be despite the rise of social media and even post covid19 pandemic. Across cultures, it serves as a venue for people to relax, socialize, and unwind with friends and loved ones at leisure or after a hard day at work. It’s also a great place to meet new people and strike up friendships because humans are after all social creatures.

To maintain and grow a bar business and ensure profitability, bars should implement good business practices. They include the need for a safe and congenial environment for their patrons. Practices that will protect their liquor license and the liability exposure that comes with it. In the digital era, it’s easier to work smart and take advantage of technology that will make life easier and business profits protected. The most popular technology that brings bang for the buck is an electronic ID scanner. We can look at the various reasons that support this thought and some caveats to keep in mind while using an ID Scanner for Age and ID checking.

The Importance of ID Scanners for Bars

The laws regarding underage drinking have been designed to protect minors from addiction, inebriation, and the other potential ill-effects of alcohol. However, enforcing these restrictions is easier said than done, especially with fake and altered IDs on the rise.

Recent advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for minors to acquire fake IDs. Underage kids can also use a friend or an older sibling’s ID card. These IDs can be difficult to distinguish during busy hours at the bar and create challenges to your servers that impact not only their work efficacy, but places risk on the bar’s liquor license and liability exposure . Therefore, most owners and managers are now opting to install high-quality ID scanners for bars at the point-of-sale of the establishment.

These electronic ID scanners for bars are optimized for accuracy and efficiency. They make the process of ID verification faster, easier, and safer. They also free up the staff members to focus on serving the customers, instead of spending all their time trying to verify the authenticity of the many driver’s licenses that pass through their hands.

As a result, ID scanners for bars enhance customer satisfaction, minimize legal risks, and ultimately help bar owners increase the profitability of their business. They also help maintain a record of all the transactions taking place on any given day, thus creating a paper trail that can be used as a defense in case of any lawsuits surrounding the sale of alcohol to underage individuals.

Advantages and Caveats

The most important among the tools for checking IDs is an ID Scanner for bars that automate the Age and ID verification of their patrons. Along with TIPS training, servers need to be able to rely on an ID Scanner as a tool, but not a crutch. Not all fake or altered ID cards are created equal and security features are not full proof. So to view an ID Scanner as a catch all product is not realistic. Human judgement cannot be replaced, but combined with an ID Scanner that will calculate Age and detect altered, expired or fake IDs instantly, an almost impossible job got much easier. In addition, from a legal standpoint, having the proof of the ID transaction that an ID Scanner provides, can further protect businesses from fines, penalties, and liability exposure.

Compliance Reporting & Protection

Compliance reporting can be a breeze for bar-owners with a high-quality ID scanner because the device can maintain accurate and timely records of transactions that take place even on the busiest days of the season. Also, ID data can be used to fight COVID19 spread by notifying patrons if there were at or near super spreader action or event. Memory on these devices can also be enabled or disabled as required, providing bar owners and managers the flexibility to store the data scanned from ID cards for due diligence proof.

Risks of ID Data Retention

One caveat is that once the ID data is read and captured, privacy and security issues can become the bigger security risk if not carefully considered. For that reason, it’s imperative to maintain the less is more approach to data mining. A misnomer is that more must be better when it comes to ID Scanners for Age and ID checking. On the contrary, too much verification and retention of sensitive information like ID data, photos and even fingerprints can come at a greater cost of infringing on consumer privacy in the name of complying with drinking laws. So don’t fall for marketing tactics that falsely imply that the more you scan and retain, somehow it is safer or more improved.

Also, there is inherent risk associated with passing your patron’s ID data to a third party that may or may not have adequate much less aggressive security measures in place to comply with differing state laws on consumer privacy. Furthermore, should that ID data be maintained on the cloud, it increases the liability for your bar business. If you have bought into a subscription plan that has a 3rd party manage your patron’s sensitive ID data, can you confidently explain those security protocols to your patrons? Recent California privacy laws now allow consumers to sue businesses if they feel their ID data security is at risk. So here’s a tip, look for ID Scanners that operate on a non-cloud platform and offer cost free or low cost maintenance and upgrades. In the long run, annual contracts and subscriptions add up. Also, watch out for catchy advertising and sales pitches that sell features that, at the end of the day, may not keep your business operating any safer. Keep in mind that verifying Age and IDs with an ID Scanner is an important tool that assists employees and creates documentation that shows reasonable care. This incorporated into your ID checking policy will create a healthy business.

Features of ID Scanners

The best ID scanners for bars are ergonomic and easy to use. They typically comprise of a handheld or portable scanner. They should operate with or without cables and not require wifi or costly contracts and subscriptions, which add up in cost.

For greater convenience, the ID scanner can be mounted on a stand or packed into a special carrying case when not in use. Overall, the use of ID scanners for bars is much more affordable and less time-consuming than manual ID verification, which is a process much more susceptible to ‘human error’. Some of these devices also provide VIP facilities and banned customer alerts, though this functionality may not be permissible in some states.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of how ID scanners for bars can help bar businesses stay in business by legal compliance, improved security, limiting liability exposure, and allowing employees to perform more effectively and efficiently.

As the pandemic creates a ripple effect, bars, pubs, as well as many other businesses selling age sensitive products and services will need to rethink their business practices and come up with new ways of engaging with customers and the community that they serve. Installing an ID scanner might just be the first step in that long and eventful journey.