How Can I Spy on Instagram Remotely?

If you have teens or young kids, then there are greater chances that they own an Instagram account. Instagram is a popular social media platform. According to stats, it has more than 700 million daily users that post 80 million pictures every day.

Teens and kids love this social media platform because of its hassle-free interface. They can effortlessly share pictures and videos with their friends and family members.

It has a video chat feature too that provides people an opportunity to spend quality time with their friends and relatives. The majority of people are uninformed or barely understand how this platform works. So, it has produced a chance for kids who have an account on Instagram to behave and share stuff that could put them in trouble in the short or long run.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to learn how to spy on Instagram DM. Fortunately, there are plenty of Instagram spy apps out there such as OgyMogy that helps you monitor almost all the activities of your kids remotely and secretly.

What Threats Are Kids Exposed to on Instagram?

It makes an avenue for criminals and bullies to chat up with your kids. Most cyberbullies and blackmailers acquire their victims from Instagram as they disguise themselves as their well-wishers. Parents who keep an eye on the online activities of their kids can prevent their children from following these bad people.

When kids share their personal pictures and videos with strangers, they leave negative comments on them to make them feel bad about the existence that leads them to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and finally, suicide.

Cyberbullying and harassment are the biggest causes of teens committing suicide. Do you want to lose your precious child? If your answer is no, then it’s is the right time to begin tracking their Instagram profile.

How Does the Instagram Spy App Work?

This app permits people to secretly monitor the Instagram profile of their kids, spouse, and employees. It will track both the sent and received private text messages from the targeted device. It supports you protect your kids from people who have bad intentions.

You will be able to view all the likes and comments on their posts. It makes records of all the sent and received photos and videos via Instagram. The good thing is that you can know who is following your kids and spouse. It’s your job to keep an eye on the digital life of your loved ones and staff members to make sure they remain safe and secure from cybercriminals and bullies.

By remotely monitoring their accounts, you can ensure they are away from unsuitable content and not sharing their personal photos and videos with strangers. You can not only monitor the voice messages but also track video conversations. It has a 360 live surround listening feature that records all the voices and sounds. You can view the recorded data on the online control panel.  

 Is the Instagram Spy App Really Helpful?

Of course, the Instagram spy app is a life-saving tool that enables people to monitor the activities of their loved ones and workers to protect them from cybercriminals. This is how it helps:

Parent Monitoring

As a parent, the tracking app is an answer to all your worries because it makes it possible for you to check the private messages secretly. Your kid will never know that you are viewing their profile. Without taking their phone, you can have access to their account to check their text and voice messages, followers, likes, comments, and video calls.

Employee Monitoring

As a business owner, if you have allowed your staff to use Instagram, so they can do the marketing of your brand or services, then you should definitely spy on their activities. View what kind of information they exchange to protect your business by making sure that your team is not exposing confidential information.


If you decide to allow your kids and employees to use Instagram, then make sure to keep a check on them to know what they are up to. Learn how to spy on Instagram DM and take advantage of the Instagram tracking app.