How Can I sell online in Pakistan in 2020?

Sell online in Pakistan confidently along best online shopping sites

Online shopping in Pakistan is thriving and now almost everything that you can imagine is available online. Online shopping has brought a lot of convenience for the customers. Therefore, It has made retailers with brick and mortar stores concerned over declining sales.

Considering current growth trends in Pakistan. It can be predicted that the overall volume of online sales will cross over 1$ billion in 2020. So using the internet to sell your products is no more optional. But essential to survive in the current highly dynamic business environment.

However, many people are clueless about it and usually ask How Can I sell online in Pakistan? So if you want to know how to sell online. Then you are in the right place. In case you believe it`s too technical, too time-consuming or cost too much, don’t worry, we will answer all questions and walk you through it step by step.

Before discussing how to sell online in Pakistan, here are the things that you will need to focus: 

  • Develop a strategy to sell online.
  • Select the online channel to sell your products.
  • Attract, convert and retain customers.

All of these things build a foundation for successful online selling. Don’t worry if these look too technical, you can go and easily what it’s all about, but here we are discussing the ways to start selling online in Pakistan.


How to Sell on Amazon from Pakistan?

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace for online sellers. The trade volume crosses $3 billion per day. It allows sellers to get registered with them from 103 countries. However, Pakistan is not in this list. So it does not allow sellers from Pakistan to start selling on the platform. Due to some reason, they have completely ignored the Pakistani market. The question here is, is there any way to sell on Amazon legally while living in Pakistan. The answer is yes, there are ways to do and many people are already doing it.


Amazon FBA Program.

 FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon is a program launched by sellers that lets sellers put all the responsibilities of storage, labeling, and the courier on Amazon. As a result, Amazon charges specified fees from the sellers. To enable yourself to sell online in Pakistan, you have to follow this process.


Method 1.

 You will need to open an offshore company that will also let open a bank account in the countries like UK or UAE.


Method 2.

Get the help of some relatives who are living abroad. If they can help you open the account and let it manage you from your home. 

In the first method, you may search online, get help from a company that provides the services for opening outsource company opening. It will probably cost you a few hundred dollars and you can do so if you are going to start the business at a bigger level.


Amazon May Probably Come to Pakistan Soon and make online shopping easy. 

We have news from credible sources that Amazon has started their preliminary research on including Pakistan to their list of sellers in June 2019 which means it is highly likely that Amazon may start operating in Pakistan too. They are currently also looking at the options to get a partnership with local firms for these purposes. 


How to Sell on eBay from Pakistan?

Just Like Amazon, Ebay also does not allow sellers to form Pakistan. Unless we see PayPal available here, there are no chances that we can bring eBay here too. However, you are seeing many sellers are still operating on this website from countries where ebay is not available locally. So what you can do is try to follow the same method as told in Amazon methods 1,2.

Although Govt. is trying to bring PayPal here, it`s not yet have been possible. The first thing you need is a PayPal account, then UK, USA phone number, address etc. So you can register as a seller. The best possibility is either to register your offshore company in the UK or the USA or get help from your relatives who are staying in those countries. 


Sell Through

Founded in 2012, took advantage of almost zero competition in the online shopping market in Pakistan. Today, it is one of the most popular online shopping websites in Pakistan where thousands of businesses are registered. Recently, taken over by Alibaba group, this online shopping website is growing very fast as 11/11 sales broke all the records that even the website crashed multiple times due to so many people trying to access it. If you want to sell on it, the process is pretty simple, register with them as a seller, you just need to provide some information and it will allow you to use this platform as a seller.


Sell Through

Launched by TCS (a well-known courier company in Pakistan), allows sellers to list their products on this platform. This online shopping website has quickly become a leading online shopping website, as recently, the company CEO revealed that they achieved annual online sales targets in just 4 months. You can get in touch with them and list your products on their website.


Sell through

Launched recently, is another leading online shopping website in Pakistan. Which will soon open its marketplace for third-party online sellers.

WBM is a well-known international brand that has successful business ventures in different countries including the USA, China, Pakistan, and Europe. The company also sells its own imported branded products in different niches online with its website in Pakistan.


Sell online through your own online shopping Website. 

You can also start selling through your own online shopping website in Pakistan. However, for this purpose, you will need to have some financial resources. If you can arrange it, then you will have to manage the supply chain. As well as stocks and customer services at your own that will also require substantial resources. 


Sell through Social Media.  

Another easy and cost-effective way of selling products that are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan is selling through social media. Facebook is a leading social media channel that is used by millions of Pakistan.

Also it is free, many online sellers advertise their products through groups on Facebook. Furthermore, they even get lots of sales as well. So if you have a limited budget, then you can try social media channels as your platform of selling online in Pakistan. 



Regardless of which online shopping platform you use. It will require you to focus on advertising through social media. Optimize your page or website for better visibility in search engines. Therefore, you should consider all these aspects before start selling on the internet.

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