How can I prepare for CCNA 201-300?

The Cisco certified network associate is considered as the best job in the field of networking associations. Many students want to do CCNA exam. That’s why this section is written to help those students. 

What kind of exam is CCNA 201-300?

For preparing the exam of CCNA,  you must know what kind of exam CCNA is. For helping you with this we have made two categories. Lets discuss it. 


The CcnA exam consists of mostly IP/TCP questions and they involve extensive routing protocols for spanning trees. When you have so many things to study for exam, you may feel it really difficult to accomplish the task. You can focus on ICDN as it helps you to focus on different types of CCNA exam. It helps candidate in going width and length of the topics. 


CCNA exam consists of almost 50-60 questions. Even if you are really well prepared, you can get problem for solving all the questions in a shorter time period. Therefore practice matters a lot in this case. You need to be really vigilant for this. 

How you can prepare for CCNA 201-300?

Here we are going to give you few tips related to your preparation for CCNA 200-301.

Good practice and practical experience:

Practices makes a man perfect. If you will practice all the questions again and again then this can help you a lot and you may become able of solving question paper within time. Practice will help you to utilize theoretical knowledge in applying real life trouble shooting times. 

Having suitable study materials:

The most important thing to prepare for CCNA exam is that you must have suitable book for its preparation because you cannot study properly if you are not taking content and material from a suitable source. Also you should include different CCNA exam practice questions and lab tests. It will help you a lot. Cisco books of ICND 1 and ICND 2 is really what you need. 

Arrange practice tests:

Another important thing to prepare for CCNA exam is that you should learn about practicing the tests. There are many online available tests of CCNA through which you can do huge practice. By practicing such tests you can come across of your weak areas in different subjects and you can work on them. You will know that on which part of CCNA exam is you have to put efforts.

Check your knowledge right before exam:

We will give you a tip of solving questions after reading all the content for CCNA exam. It may help you to manage your knowledge on the questions being asked. The last few days before your exam should be given to different CCNA exam sites. SPOTO CCNA is a good site where you can find some online questions to solve before exam. 

Take rest:

An amazing tip to make you better before exam time is that you should be relaxed when you are giving the exam. The perfect thing for this is that leave your mind and body calmly and divert yourself for few hours. Then take best wishes from your loved ones and go for giving the exam. 


After passing the CCNA exam, you will be able to become a networking expert. This certification proves that you are more eligible and knowledgeable than other non certified people. This will get you a chance to make a name in networking fields. There are many sites on internet which offer you CCNA mock exam and you can get amazing preparation with those sites. Apart from these tips and tricks, you can join a good academy for the preparation of CCNA exam.