How can I find the best free email verification tool in digital marketing?

Today, verification and hygiene of contact details, especially email, is the foundation of any successful marketing team with very high performance in the world of digital marketing, as well as one of the basic requirements for achievement in email marketing. 

Hence, due to the growing need for marketers and professionals in the field of marketing and business, a large number of email extractors have attempted to provide email verification and cleaning services for their users.

Considering the abundance of email checkers in digital marketing, you may be wondering how to find the best free email verifier. In this article, we will introduce you to the most up-to-date and greatest email verification tool in the world.

Company URL Finder (CUF) has been established by a powerful and knowledgeable team in the field of digital marketing for all quick and easy prospecting leads and providing all search services for companies and individuals based on name, LinkedIn profile, email, phone number, and email. One of these services that have recently been added is the email verification tool, which is provided to users totally free by CUF.

Do you believe it? Using the CUF free email verification tool, you can explore the world of email validation in bulk and entirely for free.

In the blink of an eye, it will check your email addresses and notify you of their validity with the highest accuracy and quality through the following four criteria, so that you will no longer need other email verifiers.

Four Key criteria of CUF Free Email validator in the email verification process

  • Format status: by employing this feature, email addresses are checked in writing and spelling to see if the emails are correctly formatted.
  • Professional status: this feature validates whether email addresses are professional or public.
  • Server status: utilizing this criterion, emails are checked for domain validity.
  • Email deliverability or the SMTP verification tool feature: applying this feature, email addresses are verified if they are real and valid and checked whether their mailboxes exist and can receive mail or not and validated email addresses without sending any email. SMTP service is utilized to deliver messages.

How to verify email by CUF free email verifier service

Endorsing your email lists via CUF Free Email Verifier is probably the most convenient solution and fastest way you have ever performed just by the least click:

ü  Step 1: enter CUF Free Email Verifier service at CUF Email Verifier

ü  Step 2: enter any email address you want to verify for free in a flash

Do you believe that using CUF Email Verifier, easily and simply with just two clicks or less, as well as saving cost, time, and energy and increasing email delivery capability and e-mail server reputation, email addresses that you want to be verified and endorsed for free, and in bulk?

Main benefits of CUF email verification template

§  It provides free bulk service

§  It improves email bounce rate for free

§  It provides high-speed access to verified emails

§  It prevents you from accessing incorrect results, including spam and fake emails, which quickly attack your inbox

§  As the emails are checked by the four methods mentioned above, all the provided results are completely valid and almost 98% accurate

§  It provides easy to use and handy to verified emails

Now, you can try it on and enjoy the wholly free gadget!