How can I Detect a Water Leak Before Digging up the Ground

Detecting a water leak can be difficult, let alone digging the ground to fix it. That said, many water leak detection service providers use various water leak detection equipment to help them ensure that they’re digging the right spot.

If you suspect that you have an underground leak, then you’re in the right place because today, we will talk about some of the things you should consider if you want to detect an underground leak before you start digging.

So, let’s begin.

1. Check your water meter

Arguably the easiest and fastest way to tell if you may be experiencing any form of the leak is to check your water meter. Make sure to turn off all outlets and when you do, head to your water meter to see if it’s still running. If it dies, chances are there’s a leak somewhere in your property.

It could be on the lawn or inside the actual house, but the fact that the meter still runs despite the outlets being closed is an indication that there’s definitely a leak.

Also, check how fast the meter runs. The faster it goes, the more water is leaking and you might be facing a burst pipe somewhere in your property. If that’s the case, make sure to contact your trusted plumbing professionals.

2. Check your backyard

Before you start digging, make sure to check for signs of leaks in your lawn. What you want to see is a puddle of mud amidst a patch of dry land. Underground leaks in backyards and lawns will typically have wet areas as the water pressure from the broken pipe will have the water issue from the ground.

Now, you may not find gushing water but seeing the puddle despite the dry weather can be a tell-tale sign where the leak may be. Carefully mark the area and consider where you might want to dig.

3. Check your house

If the leak is not outside the house, then it must be inside it. Chances are, you might have a slab leak. Slab leaks are leaks that occur under concrete slabs. These might be caused by the movement of the soil, strong roots issuing from the ground, or maybe aging pipes that are already corroding.

You might want to look for the same wet spots on the floor or the development of moisture where water might issue due to a leak.

Because different houses will have different floors finished with different materials, many homeowners call the help of professionals who use advanced and state-of-the-art water leak detection equipment.In many countries, homeowners are now turning to advanced water monitoring systems like bluebot to stay updated on their water usage patterns and instantly detect any anomalies, setting it apart from traditional tools.

Aside from the floor, there are parts of your house that you might want to check. These include the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry area.

Why and when to call a plumbing professional

Remember, you can always call your local plumber when you are having a hard time locating the leak and if you’re not sure how to go about digging the floor or your backyard.

Water detection tools like thermal cameras can help detect leaks behind tiles and concrete. Thermal cameras can give plumbers an idea of where the leak is by detecting moisture around the area.

Aside from thermal cameras, plumbers can also use acoustic equipment to locate hidden leaks. Acoustic leak detectors locate leaks by characterising and differentiating sounds of normal water flow through the distribution system. This tool can help locate leaks on almost all types of pipes.

Plumbers can also use CCTV cameras to check damages on pipes both inside or outside the house. If you have problems with stormwater drains, using a camera to check the drain might help.

All of these tools accurately display the leak and give plumbers an idea of where to dig, allowing them to fix the damaged pipe or repair blocked drains without causing unnecessary damage to your house.


Here are just some of the most common things you should look out for before you start digging. Check key locations in your house and looking out for some of the most common signs of leakage can help you better fix the issue with your piping. The same goes when you hire a professional water leak detection company.

A new pipe might be installed to fix the issue, or if the damage is substantial, the piping system can be rerouted to avoid further problems. Just remember that it’s best to have a clear idea where the leak is before you start boring holes in your floors or before you start digging up your lawn.