How Can I Close My Wells Fargo Bank Account?

Things are getting simpler, the technology is making it simpler for us. Banking is not the stone that is left unturned by technology.

We have seen a lot of heavy improvements in banking. Like these days we are allowed to open a bank account online.

But what about closing it online? Can we do that?

Yes, we can close a bank account online. And if you have an account with Wells Fargo which you want to close online. Then this is a good thing for you because you can close it from your home itself.

Let us learn how you can close the Wells Fargo Bank account. That does not mean that we will leave the offline method untouched. We will also learn that.

How Can I Close my Account Online?

You can not send an email to the bank asking to close your account. That will simply not work. Instead of that, you will have to make use of the secure mail of the bank.

What is Secure Mail?

Secure mail is not an email service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. But this is a communication portal that can be accessed with the help of online banking.

What will I need to Access Secure Mail?

As secure mail is an option that can be found in the online banking service of the bank. You will need access to the online banking of your Wells Fargo Account.

What I actually mean is you should have registered to use the online banking service of Wells Fargo. If you don’t have it registered then don’t worry.

Just visit the official website of Wells Fargo and get registered. It can hardly take 2 to 5 minutes of your time.

And it is worth spending your 2 to 5 minutes for the registration purpose. That is because this will help you out to close the account online without having to visit the branch of the bank.

Will Wells Fargo Charge me to Use Online Banking or Secure Mail?

No, the bank will not charge you anything when you use these services. As a customer of the bank, you will be getting access to these services free of cost.

What about Account Closing Charges?

Something that disappoints the people closing an account is the charge that they have to pay to close it. This charge also exists for the customers of Wells Fargo.

But you will be asked to pay only and only if your account is less than one year old. If your account is more than one year old. Then you need to pay anything to the bank.

What is the Online Closing Process?

Now let us come to the main matter.

1. Open the Official Website of Wells Fargo

Use your desktop or laptop computer for this purpose. That is because you are using the online banking services of the bank. And this is a website-based service that is designed to be used on the computer.

So to avoid any issues while using the service. You should avoid using mobile devices. And access the service on a computer with anti-virus software installed.

2. Log in to Your Account

Now let inside your account, enter your credentials for this purpose. But make sure that you are not sharing the details with anyone.

And before you even enter your login details make sure you are on the official website of Wells Fargo. I am telling you this because there can be bad people out there on the internet using the phishing technique.

3. Open Secure Mail and Compose a Closing Request

After you login into your online banking account. Open the secure mail section of the website. As soon as you open it. The website will ask you the reason why you want to contact the bank.

There you have to select “Account Management”. By doing this it will help you ensure that your mail reaches the people who are responsible to manage the accounts of the customers.

After you select the reason or the category. You can start writing or composing the message to be sent. Write a closing request there.

4. Send the Secure Mail

Before you send the mail you have to make sure that you have not entered any of your passwords in the mail. You are not supposed to share any such details in the mail.

At the maximum, you can only include your bank account number. And nothing more than that. So finally before you send the mail read it once. And hit that send button.

What is the Offline Process?

Along with the online process, you should know the offline process as well. This can act as a backup tool for you. There is nothing very hard in the offline process.

You just have to step into any of the branches of Wells Fargo along with your documents. The bank’s people will guide you on everything you should do.


Before you ask the bank to close your account. Empty your account. There should be no balance of funds in the account if you want to close it online.

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