How can I apply for a Birth death and passport through online portal?

A birth certificate is the most important document of your identity. It provides you with a permanent record of their existence in the eyes of the government. It is an important document for getting facilities such as school admissions, voting rights, obtaining a driving license and many more. A person in many cases lacks without having a copy of his birth document.

So, if you don’t want to skip any rights or facilities to live a peaceful life, have a birth certificate. Those who are already having their birth document they are in peace.

Every person goes through these five mentioned steps to get a new birth certificate, read carefully.

5 Step Process to Take a New Birth Certificate

Step 1 Provide documents – No matters whether you are applying for a new birth document online or offline, one has to submit some important information like Parent’s ID proof, voter ID, Place of birth, and more.

Step-2 Document verification – After submitting the entire document, the information is cross-checked by the authority to ensure there is transparency in the process.

Step-3 The Confirmation – If you applied for the new birth certificate online, a mail of confirmation will be sent on your email Id. For the offline purpose, they will inform you about the submission of your information.

Step-4 Wait for a few days – The process of getting a new birth document may take a couple of days for both online and offline process. It is estimated that a minimum of it takes 15-30 days to deliver.

Step-5 Certificate is yours – After all the process, your birth certificate is in your hand. Now, you can apply and continue your work and enjoy life.

My name is not correct in the Birth Certificate. What I can do?

A birth certificate is a vital document that discloses your identity – name, parent’s name, date of birth, and more. Many times situation arises one has to change their name in the birth certificate or update the name in the document.

If you are also searching for a quick method to change your name in a birth document then read our next section. It details all information to get your name updated in a new birth certificate.

Method to Update Name in a New Birth document

The process is simple-to-follow for all the users. One just has to get a ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ from the municipal office or you can apply for it online. Then, submit an Affidavit regarding the update of the name in the birth document. You can take the Affidavit from a local notary. Please mention the reason for changing your name and get it stamped.

Later, fill the correction form by providing all the reliable information. Next, submit in the municipal office or online according to your needs. Don’t forget to attach the Affidavit with a copy of the form.

Now, wait for the response from the authorities about your new birth certificate, It usually comes in 10-20 days of working days.

Registration of death and its importance

Anyone in India can apply for a death certificate, a death certificate is a document of primary importance, and it is essential to register the death of a known one or a family member. Registration of deaths became mandatory after the Registration of Births and Deaths act, 1969. Deaths are registered depending upon the place of occurrence of the event. It is registered by the concerned registrar under whom the jurisdiction of the event has taken place. If the death has occurred at the home of the deceased, the head of the family needs to report the death within 21 days of its occurrence. The oldest male of the family or the closest relative can also do the same by putting a request for obtaining the death certificate. In case of the death happening in a hospital, the chief in charge of the hospital or the medical practitioner who attended the deceased in his last days is required to certify the cause of death.

Some informational facts

If the death has been reported after 21 days, but within 30 days of its occurrence, it can be registered by paying a nominal fee of Rs.2/-, which is considered as a late fee.

In case of the death being reported after one month but within 1 year of its occurrence, it can be registered only with the written permission of the registrar by giving a due reason and paying a late fee of Rs.5/-

If the death has been reported after 1 year of its occurrence, it can be registered on order by the magistrate of that area, that is, the first class magistrate or a presidency magistrate with the payment of Rs.10/- as late fee.


The application form is usually available at the office of the area’s local body authorities, or with the registrar who maintains the registers of deaths.

  • Submission of the birth proof of the deceased also might be needed.
  • Copy of the ration card
  • An affidavit specifying the date and time of birth
  • The required fee in the form of court fee stamps is also required

Where is the death registration done?

Deaths can be registered at the place of occurrence, for example, if a death has occurred in Mumbai, it needs to be registered at the registrar’s office of that locality within whose jurisdiction the event has occurred.

To apply for the death certificate, you first need to register the death by filling up the form prescribed by the registrar.

The death certificate is essential to establish the fact of the death LEGALLY. It is required for relieving the deceased from social, legal, and official obligations.

Registration fees

Registration of death is done free of cost if it is done within 21 days of its occurrence.

The rates for a late fee of registration have been increased and decreased in the past few years. Earlier, a nominal fee was charged, but now, the Medical Officer needs to certify the death after collecting a fine of Rs.25.

How to book a slot for passport renewal


In India, the validity of a passport is ten years; it needs to be renewed after ten years to avail further benefits. To continue availing the services, an individual needs to renew his/her passport before the expiry term or after the validity expires. Having a valid passport is essential as it comes handy at many points. It can also be used as identity proof, age, and residence proof as well.


Documents required for renewal


  1. Identity proof like AADHAR card might be needed
  2. Original old passport
  3. Self-attested copy of the first two and last two pages of the passport
  4. Self-attested copy of the validity extension page concerning the Short validity passport(SVP)


Booking a slot to get renewed passport


First, you need to visit the Passport Seva website – You need to log in if you already have an account; otherwise, you need to make an account by selecting the nearest passport office and providing your details and activating your account.


Once you have logged in to your account, you need to click on the apply for fresh passport re-issue of passport tab. You need to fill the application form that will appear after this. Click on the re-issue link and fill the form. Click validate and save copy of form. Upload the filled-in form and click on the submit button.

Check the details’ you have mentioned in the form before you submit it in order to avoid any errors.

Further, you need to schedule an interview and pick up a slot based on the available slots. After logging into your account, visit the view saved/ submitted applications tab.

Click on the pay and schedule appointment link and select any date from the available slots which would be displayed on the site. After choosing a slot of your choice, you will be directed to the payment gateway wherein you need to pay online for the appointment. The payment fee will differ according to the type of passport(normal/tatkal) and the number of pages you want to add in your passport.

You can pay through any of these online payment options – SBI bank challan, credit/debit card, and internet banking. After you have made the payment, click on the “print application receipt” link visible on the screen. Do not forget to carry a printout of this receipt, which mentions the appointment number when you will go to the passport office.


Difference between renewal and re-issuing of passport


Passport renewal is carried out when the validity of the passport has expired, while the passport is re-issued in case of the following events:

  1. Lost passport
  2. Stolen passport
  3. Expired passport
  4. Damaged or soiled passport
  5. Change in personal details of the applicant

In case of renewal of passport, the same passport is given to the individual as the renewed passport while a new passport is provided to the individual when he/she applies for re-issue. It is essential to get your passport renewed before its validity expires to avoid any inconveniences.


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