How can Hemp Oil Make Your Massage Better?

Hemp oil is gaining immense popularity, especially in the west. This can be attributed to an array of health and skin benefits. Moreover, hemp oil is increasingly taking over the regular carrier oils and is making an excellent choice for massage therapists. Many therapists have discovered that hemp oil is a natural addition to their massage oils that significantly enhances the therapeutic qualities of a massage. Therefore, this knowledge has led the clients of massage therapists to demand the possibility of integrating a natural and topical balm made of hemp oil into their session.

Various studies have also shown that topically applying a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil offers promising results for people looking to get relief from pain, inflammation, and swelling naturally. The oil’s topical application also offers soothing properties and helps your body heal from skin rashes, pain, burns, muscle discomfort, and more.

Benefits of a hemp oil massage over a regular massage

  • Relieves inflammation

Hemp oil contains beta-caryophyllene, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, thus, offering natural anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have shown that its strong anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce spinal neuroinflammation. Moreover, when applied topically, the oil is remarkably effective in speeding up healing and soothing sore muscles and joints, making it excellent for massages. 

  • Reduces chronic pain

The second you will apply Synchronicity Hemp Oil on your body part that is tensed, you will be guaranteed to feel temporary relief. It also possesses impressive anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties that have led to a boom in demand for hemp oil for therapeutic massages and other wellness space treatments.

Therefore, hemp oil is an excellent substitute for people suffering from pains, aches, or injuries, as it helps reduce inflammation throughout the body while also easing stiffness in the joints. 

  • Nourishes skin

Apart from imparting various therapeutic benefits, hemp seed oil also makes a great choice for massage therapy due to its skin health enhancing properties. Topical hemp oil is extremely nourishing for the skin, owing to the antioxidants and healthy fatty acids present in it. These nutritional values also enable the oil to help maintain a smooth, soft and supple skin, and make it a powerful skin moisturizer that doesn’t clog the pores. Moreover, it also promotes moisture retention of the skin and wound healing, and delays ageing of the skin.

Therefore, hemp oil is highly in demand by the people with various skin conditions.  

  • Sways away tension

If you are dealing with loads of stress, it is highly recommended to get a hemp oil massage experience. The oil, when applied to your body, can leave you feeling cooling, chilly, inexplicably calm, and relaxed. It is also beneficial in relieving anxiety.

  • Better absorption rate

The additional advantage of hemp oil that makes it a preferable choice for many massage therapists is its absorption rate.  Even a small amount of hemp seed oil can go a long way.  This is because hemp seed oil spreads evenly, dries slowly, and takes time to be fully absorbed, implying that the massage therapist won’t need to keep applying oil frequently, thus saving their time and money. 


Thus, take every opportunity you get to incorporate hemp oil into a massage or facial treatment, as it can offer another level of relaxation, making you feel less anxious. Moreover, the benefits of a hemp seed oil massage are seen to last longer without any post-massage soreness.

Also, if a hemp oil full-body massage doesn’t suit your busy schedule or budget, you can always get similar benefits by giving yourself a hemp oil foot massage daily before bed or first thing in the morning. 

So the next time you schedule a therapeutic massage, ensure to ask for hemp oil as it can make a huge difference!