How can Gamers Build a profitable Online Business with a Blog or Website?

Video gaming has become much more than just a hobby. The e-gaming or eSports industry is now worth more than 947.1 USD (based on the annual revenue worldwide in 2020) and video gamers can earn huge amounts through their own online channels or by participating in online tournaments.

So, whether you’re a student looking to earn extra cash online or already a professional video gamer, there are smart and creative ways to monetize a blog or website in this industry.

Starting a website is the vital first step to building any online business and doing it right from the start will help to accelerate its growth and online success. If you are already online through vlogging on popular streaming channels like YouTube, then this should be an advantage.

If you are new to building an online presence, then you should take the following recommendations into account as they will hugely benefit any beginner.

In this article, you will find tips on how to build a website as a gamer with SeekaHost’s innovative Blog Hosting Control Panel inside the SeekaHost App. Because it enables you to quickly create a website in just 5 minutes and is an affordable option to start out. You will be taken through the few easy steps it takes to set up your website with the most popular CMS WordPress.

Watch how quickly one can set up their blog with the SeekaPanel:

Step 1: How to start a website as a Gamer?  

To set up a website you need to register a domain and host it. For this, you are required to use a blog hosting control panel, which is a web application allowing you to host and manage your blogs.

You can do all these things inside the unique SeekaHost blog hosting control panel offering features that make it much easier to get started with blogging.

Where to start as a Gamer?

  • Register your gaming website domain inside the panel with a few clicks.
  • Install WordPress and get your domains live with 1 click in less than 60 seconds.
  • Host private blog networks with unique multiple class IP hosting.
  • Find, purchase and host a domain in less than 5 minutes.
  • Monitor website analytics with integrated trackers for free.
  • Take Backups with 1-click downloaders.

Whether you only want to start with one website or several that are gaming related, you can manage them via your control panel. If you want to turn your websites into an online business, it is advisable to build several websites that can be used for better SEO to rank well on search engines.

The possibilities are endless, and you can build blogs reviewing or sharing your favourite video games like Minecraft for example where you can host your own game server with the best Minecraft server host.

Step 2: Set Up a Unique Blog

With over 8,000 WP themes and 50,000 plugins customization with WordPress is possible in many ways and you should certainly build your gaming brand as soon as possible. So, design a unique logo for your site and give it a video gaming feel.  

In gaming there are many sub-topics that you can cover on your blog such as specific games you want to focus on like Minecraft or gaming gadgets reviews for example. Explore some competitor blogs and get inspired to create your own unique website. When setting up your website there are a few basic aspects you will have to research and implement such as:

  • Suitable WordPress Themes
  • Best WordPress Plugins for features
  • WordPress Widgets
  • Blog Menu
  • Blog Logo
  • Basic SEO for your blog (On-page and off-page)
  • Best content with most relevant keywords to start with

You can find multiple expert tutorials on and in this video you can get an idea of how to get started with the first blog basics:

Step 3: Attract Visitors to your Gaming Website

Start with creating relevant blog pages such as an about page or a contact page where you introduce yourself or your brand and what your website is about.

Install the All-in-one-SEO WP plugin as it will help you with making your content SEO-friendly to rank better on search engines, which increases your website traffic.

Identify your target audience and relevant keywords first with SEO tracker tools to drive relevant traffic to your site. Learning more about SEO through various SEO online courses, available also at the SeekaHost University, will help you improve and optimize your website.

You can monitor whether your website content attracts more visitors inside your SeekaHost App dashboard. Check which posts attract the most visitors and which countries they come from or how they find your website. All this data will help you improve your content and your online marketing.

The more your blog is visible and shared in as many different places as possible, the more groundwork it will do for generating a passive income in the future. Test some of the most promising monetization strategies outlined below to grow your gaming website into an online business:

·        Affiliate Marketing for Gamers

Many gamers can earn commissions paid from sponsored services or products on the blog or other online channels like their YouTube channel with an affiliate link. For every visitor making a purchase through the referral link the website owner gets a commission that has been agreed on that sale. The percentage of the commission varies and depends on each company’s terms or affiliate programs.

·        Sponsored Posts

Charge a fee to promote or review a gaming brand on your website. Companies in the gaming niche may find you or you can reach out to them for a sponsorship partnership. Or you can charge a fee for publishing guest author’s guest posts or sponsored posts in the form of a review. Additionally, you can offer to sponsor companies in your YouTube videos, tutorials or whatever content your create online.

·        Sponsored Reviews

Once you have established your brand or yourself as an expert in gaming, companies my pay for your featured reviews on your blog or vlog about their products or services. You can create a media kit or a page on your website where you offer such services. Or you can reach out to the firms in your niche that you already cover or often mention. Some companies pay you directly and some offer freebies, so ensure you check their terms.

Get Started with a Gaming Website to build your Online Venture

Various gaming influencers are earning thousands to millions with their online content and with a bit of talent and the entertainment factor you can earn money online too as a gamer. Setting up a unique and branded website can be a fantastic starting point for any internet business.

Building virtual properties or even private blog networks as early as possible will offer other online work or monetization opportunities in the future.

Testing the strategies and tips listed here together with the innovative SeekaPanel, any gamer could establish themselves and their online presence and earn some money soon.