How can erectile dysfunction be treated?

A man likes to talk about it: erectile dysfunction. Around a third of people over 60 in the world suffer from it. In the case of 40 to 49 year olds, it is already ten percent.Many men shy away from going to the doctor. The result: the problem worsens and those affected suffer more, Kamagra Can be dependable for them.

Common causes of erectile dysfunction

An erection is caused by an increased blood supply to the penis. The blood is pumped into the erectile tissue through dilated arteries under high pressure. This compresses the veins. The result: the pressure in the erectile tissue increases and the penis stiffens. This process is only possible through the complex interaction of nerves, blood vessels and hormones.

There are many reasons for impaired erectile function. Mostly it arises from physical causes,  Kamagra Can also play a role to solve dysfunction .

Psychological reasons for erectile problems

Psychological reasons such as stress, depression, anxiety disorders or stressful events are more likely to trigger erectile dysfunction in younger men. Nevertheless, they should always be taken into account as a cause. Declining testosterone levels (naturally) can cause problems as you get older. Sometimes the dysfunction is also a result of taking medication, injuries (such as a pelvic fracture) or surgery (on the prostate or bowel).

Erectile dysfunction due to lifestyle and previous illnesses

The main cause, however, is usually the lifestyle: Smoking, alcohol, obesity and lack of exercise can damage the blood vessels, so that the blood flow in the erectile tissue is impeded. Potency disorders sometimes indicate impending heart attacks and strokes or can be traced back to diseases that affect the central nervous system. These include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, fatty liver or lipid metabolism disorders promote circulatory disorders and thus erectile problems.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

A erectile dysfunction is present if a man cannot or cannot get an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse

the problem occurs more than two thirds of the time and / or the problems persist for several months.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Sometimes erectile dysfunction indicates a serious illness. If potency problems persist for several months, those affected should therefore consult their family doctor or a urologist. The doctor will first clarify in a conversation which previous illnesses, injuries, operations, medication or living conditions could be the cause of the illness.

Then there are several examinations. The doctor will measure testosterone levels in the blood and use weak electrical pulses to examine the penis for any nerve damage. In addition, an erectile tissue injection test can provide information about the functionality of the corpus cavernosum. To do this, the doctor injects a drug into the penis that triggers an erection.

A stay in the sleep laboratory can also help to find the causes of the problems. Nocturnal penile tumescence measurement measures spontaneous erections during sleep. If the values ​​are normal, this more likely indicates psychological causes for the illness.