How Can a Secure Video Hosting Platform Help You In Boosting Revenue?

If you ask in a room full of people whether they prefer to learn new information by reading or by watching a video, a majority of them are going to choose the latter. Video marketing seems to be on the verge of wiping out the popularity of traditional written content on the internet. 

As expected, 71% of business-to-business marketers have made videos an integral part of their marketing campaigns. Videos have also emerged as one of the best lead-generating tools of the 21st century and beyond. This has automatically raised the importance of a high-quality and secure video hosting platform. 

One might wonder why they would need to opt for a separate video hosting platform when they can pursue immense traffic from a free hosting website like YouTube. Well, security is where most businesses draw the line. It’s no secret that a secure platform for hosting your videos is the primate requirement. 

But did you know that the security of a video hosting platform is directly related to revenue? That’s right! In this post, we are going to deep dive into the details of how a secure video hosting platform can help you in boosting revenue. Let’s dig in. 

1. No to Plagiarism 

If your content keys are accessible to any video player other than the authorized one, you can bid adieu to a significant portion of your revenue. Content keys are a necessity for decrypting an encrypted video to play it. If they are available to any applications outside of yours, anyone can easily download and view your videos. 

Most regular video hosting platforms have an HLS encryption. This means that the key required for viewing the content isn’t securely hidden. Hackers and tools can easily get into it. As soon as they get hold of the key, they can easily get access to all your premium video content. 

Secure video hosting platforms like VdoCipher put an end to plagiarism thanks to their DRM-level security. It specifies conditions allowing video playback. For instance, the key wouldn’t be able to perform the decryption of the video stream if a user copies the video file to another device. It also limits the playback of a video on a device along with expiring video access in case of no renewal of the subscription. 

2. Prevent Embedding to Unauthorised Websites 

It’s hard to come across a website without an embedded YouTube video regardless of the ownership. That’s what happens when a business uses a video hosting platform without domain whitelisting.

A secure video hosting platform offers the provision of preventing your videos from being embedded in unauthorized websites. That is exactly what domain whitelisting does. For instance, VdoCipher offers Google Widevine & Apply Fairplay DRM which comes with a DRM license that ensures the generation of playback requests for videos from authorized websites only. 

3. More Control Over Visibility of Videos 

A secure video hosting platform has the Geo restriction feature activated. This means that businesses have the option of making their videos available for a select audience such as people residing in a specific country or internal IP networks. Most companies have already started using such secure video hosting platforms for corporate training and educating videos. 

4. Better Audience Insights 

Knowing that your videos are secured and well protected, you can be sure of the accuracy of viewership data and other audience insights. A secure video hosting platform has a detailed analytical dashboard that offers information such as viewing time, device used, location of the viewer, and so on. 

When a business learns audience behavior and recognizes what’s working and what’s not, it helps them work on glitches and recalibrate the video. Engagement, in the long run, boosts conversion rates. As expected, more conversions lead to greater revenue! 

5. Discouragement for Screen Captures 

If you are using a secure video hosting platform, it usually has the facility of dynamic watermarking. This feature allows you to easily add text to video, further preventing piracy. You can display a logo, phone number, email id, user id, or any other form of text overlay to preserve brand identity. 

Dynamic watermarking is a highly effective form of protecting premium content from screen captures. After all, even though DRM prevents unsolicited downloads, screen captures have been becoming one of the most prominent ways of stealing content. The best part is that you can customize dynamic watermarks according to the movement, size, color, and transparency of your preferences. 

Summing Up 

The bottom line, if you are looking forward to unhindered revenue, having a secure video hosting platform offering a fantastic UX is an integral part of it. You also won’t lose out on leads apart from leveraging those robust security features to keep your data safe.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.