How Call Transcription Works

Call Transcription Services are in command. Most companies are running online deals in fact every business has shifted online. Specially the United States is trending in the digital business either that of the car dealershipclothing brands, food, medical or airlines, and even the minor businesses have set up call centers for marketing. So every setup, especially the top countries like the United States, have a phone call record of every business detail, for every call they don’t need to press any record button because the calls are recorded automatically.

How Call Transcription Works?

Call Transcription has 4 different phases which are as follows:

  1. Transcription Phase: After your file is received by our team, it is divided into sections and sent to transcriptionists to be transcribed. This is done so more work is done in less time with better accuracy and speed.
  2. Review Phase: After these sections are transcribed, the sections are edited to eradicate any errors, add time stamps, and other features such as speaker identification are added for easy readability and understanding.
  3. Proofreading Phase: These sections are then combined into a single transcript. A professional transcriptionist proofreads the transcript once more and makes certain that no errors are remaining in the transcript and that the quality is up to the bar.
  4. Quality Assurance Phase: Then the transcript is read once more by our Quality Assurance specialist to ascertain that it has 99% accuracy and that nothing is missed before it is sent back to you.

No one will disagree on the importance of call transcription in today’s world. Transcription is becoming a need of businesses all over the world. As businesses move towards digitalization and become accessible on the internet for their functioning, the importance of speech-to-text conversion has increased tenfold. Call Transcription is the process of creating transcripts of phone recordings or telephonic audio files for various purposes to make the text searchable and easily accessible for the reader.

Call transcription is an important and powerful tool for business, training, medical, or legal uses. Servixer provides call transcription services to help you maintain scannable records and seamless quality. We offer human transcription with the highest level of accuracy with the fastest turnaround times! We make sure to offer you price plans that fit your budget plan. Our flexibility when it comes to pricing and turnaround time is unmatched in the market!

Calls Transcriptions Services

Every company needs to have a safe side in any misfortune. The phone calls Transcription services activity is not a piece of cake and in human transcription services, any non serious transcriber cannot play a good role. Artificial Intelligence can’t be equivalent to the human brain ever as previously discussed the special requirements for a professional transcriptionist which proves that a mentally equipped human can perform several tasks at a moment to maintain the level of perfection and make the best transcript. Mostly the companies give jargon projects and a support team is essential for that usually, transcription is not one person’s work rather a team is required just like there are sales teams working on one agenda.

In call transcription services, security measures have to be taken into account because phone calls are confidential. Usually, tape a phone call software is used for recording a call and the client provides audio files which are different in duration, some are of a long duration, some are just of few seconds, some need to be translated for which only way is to hire a professional translator but usually are of English, some Clients demand different templates for the text file. The study of transcription services and transcriptionists is a vast study and there are two kinds of human transcriptionists which include human transcriber and freelancers which are professional translators too other than that the third kind is the automatic speech recognition software.

Why Transcribe?

With the upsurge of online video, it’s shocking there aren’t more discussions on the advantages of transcription or call tracking. The majority of people have seen captions or subtitles on television shows or movies, or at least know what they are. What they may not know, is that the initial act of turning audio into text is termed transcription or call tracking. Transcription has been with us for an extended time. Imagine the poet of ages ago, Shakespeare or Byron, pacing and dictating new work to some modest amanuensis. This is the same notion as transcription. Telephones are the life force of business except for recording phone calls in today’s techno-savvy world. Several businesses are made or cracked in an individual phone call. Due to this, it is immensely crucial to record and transcribe inbound calls.

The text from a business transcription can be used as a source, to share ideas, exhibit corporate transparency, and even keep you safe from legal action. Business transcripts are full written records of discussion, transactions, and projects. Here are some popular use cases for transcription in businesses:

Meetings; The minutes of every day or annual general meeting can skip important data and be misinterpreted. Full-text transcripts of meetings make sure that the whole context of what was discussed is offered.

Focus Group Discussions; Record audio or video interviews and discussions with your focus group and use the text copy later to feature video captions or for reference.

Interviews; Whether you’re producing a promotional video out of interviews or sharing conversations with internal stakeholders, you’ll be able to add a text copy to your database or use it as a guide. Whether the interview is conducted on a call received on a phone number via an inbound phone call or an outbound call a record of it can be maintained.

Stakeholder communications; Share important details with stakeholders through reports built on your text copy of an audio recording.

Customer Service Calls: Call centers and BPOs, for instance, must keep a high volume of records for their daily customer service or inbound calls. Usually for customer service calls contact centers have a unique number and that phone number is given to customers for any queries.

Internal Videos; Transcripts help in producing internal video content for human resources or corporate communications via post-production transcripts and subtitles/captions.

External Communications; As transcripts function as a source, your text copy may be used as a premise to provide public-facing materials. Excerpts can be attached to emails, invoices, and other documentation needs.

Marketing; Transcripts help increase search engine optimization (SEO) ranking and may be used for repurposing into more marketing material, while subtitles improve video watch time and boost your Youtube view count. The keywords extracted from phone calls can be used in Google Adwords and the benefit of that can be easily tracked with Google Analytics.

Benefits of call transcriptions:

Tell me, has it ever happened to you that you were on call with a customer and you asked him about a few preferences and after the call when you were about to write in the preferences you forgot and you try to rewind in your head if what you remember is right or not ?

Forgetting a piece of information or unable to remember clearly can be frustrating and risky especially if your relationship with the client depends on it. This is where Call transcriptions services come in handy.

Today we will be talking about the benefits of call tracking and call transcribe services. Lets jump right into it.

  1. Records of customer calls
  2. Scanning and searching the records for key information
  3. Using call transcriber for the purpose of training
  4. Helps in the learning process
  5. Legal benefits of call transcribe
  6. Improving accessibility

Records of customer calls:

The record of the call can help you for reference whenever you talk to your client and both of you do not come on the same platform you can look back into the record and see what was the initial agreement by the help of call transcriptions.

Scanning and searching the call transcriptions for key information:

One of the biggest benefit of call transcriptions services is that the representatives of the company can look into their old calls whenever they want and can pin point any key information that they had any confusion.

Using call transcription for the purpose of training:

This is another very cool benefit of call transcriber. The phone call transcriptions can be used in the process of recruitment and training process. All the new hired employees can be given the phone call transcriptions to see the way the representatives of the company talk to their clients. This example script can help them a lot in the learning process and can be used as an example.

Helps in the learning process:

Review your own works helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and call transcriptions are a great way to do so. The phone call transcriber can help you in underlying your opportunities that you need to explore and the strengths that you already have that you can sue again and the last but not the least you can figure out what you do  not have to do.

This is the benefit that any lawyer can swear on. Any situation in which you might have to provide the call transcriptions in court for any purpose either health or security it is great to be already prepared for it. The phone call transcriptions work as a proof for your company about what was said and what was heard and this is how call transcriptions help lawyers a great deal.

Improving accessibility:

Call tracking has many benefits and improving the accessibility is one of them. As the world has changed and living in a modern world we have special places for people with special needs. Through call transcriptions even the people who are head or have problems hearing can get their work done through the text document. So call transcriptions does not only provide accessibility but also provides opportunity.

Servixer provides the best service of professional transcription with high accuracy rates. We facilitate with professional transcription services of human transcribers. There’s a source of continuity in the workflow. The bottom line of the company is to create professional transcribers who possess certain specific qualities i.e. perfection in listening to audio transcripts, voice commands, quick recognition of different speakers, and good typing speed. However, translation services are not offered, anyhow the English language is the domain. Additional information can be traced to our active customer service. The staff is well equipped with gadgets including laptops and mic-headphones. Privacy policies are strictly followed.