How Busta Breezie Has taken over the internet with his new Glitch Dance

Busta breezie is a public celebrity having more than one million followers in Tik Tok. He is renowned for his sensational dancing along with his running in one place. This running and this type of dancing make him more popular on Tik Tok. Busta breezie gets his popularity only for his unique style and the last for running in the same place. We will discuss here the running in the same place. Day by day his popularity is increasing just because of his unique performance.


To know about the fake run we need to about the origin and meaning of the term glitch run. Which makes many people popular like Busta Breezie. The term fake run, also known as Glitch run. It means you will keep running in the same place. It seems to people that you are running but your place is constant. This type of dance category got viral in the year January 2021. It’s like jumping the dancer’s leg in the same place and will show a gesture of running in the dancer’s body. It will be seen like a dancer is maintaining running. This is the technic that is implanted by Busta Breezie for getting his video viral and giving him the pinnacle of the glory. The trend of this viral dance got viral in August 2021 by the hashtag fake run.

Busta Breezie and his Sensational dancing

On January 4 th 2021 Busta Breezie first uploaded his sensational dancing video on Tik Tok and which become viral all over the world. For more which you can check for many websites but it will be the best choice for you to find him. The video name was running Glitch. Besides this Busta Breezie is famous for his video tutorial on the pop smoke and woo walk dance. He had about 7 million views before he uploaded his glitch run video. The second one of his running dance got more viral than before. After he uploaded his third video he received 1 million views and one lac sixty thousand like in his video.

GTA’s character lag is one of the most important things made by him. The trend on Hashtag fakery reaches 249.2 million views as of August 2021. The tiktokers like Busta Breezie have claimed their ticket into the influencer industry. He is going to make many more fake run videos on TikTok.

Busta Breezie has also a vast number of followers in other social media like he has 1 Million plus followers on Tik Tok. He regularly uploads videos there. In a word, Busta Breezie is the most important and renowned influencer of all time and getting more popular day by day only for his work. Especially he makes a new path for the glitch run. Which gives takes him to the pinnacle of the glory. It can be said that one day Busta Breezie will be more than popular than today. If you’re interested in connecting with Busta Breezie for any sponsorships your best method of reaching out is connecting with his talent agency digital solutions media